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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


From a very personal viewpoint, the reason I started teaching this work was to share with you and give you the tools you need and want so you can achieve your personal goals as a healer and health practitioner. But, more importantly for me is getting enough of us doing this so our circles of influence will eventually overlap.

We can cover the country with practitioners who know how to get sick people well. These are practitioners who understand what sickness is all about: what causes it and how to reverse it. We can undercut the technology of the allopathic medical approach to chronic illness, especially allopathic psychiatry which feeds off allopathic medical failure. Allopathic psychiatry creates a society that is drugged and controlled. Every allopathic medical failure becomes a psychiatric diagnosable condition. Their solution is always the same: drugs.

What we’re doing here is breaking that cycle.

That’s my purpose. It’s a big purpose but, quite frankly, I’m not interested in a small game. I personally could not live with myself knowing that I am the only one that knows. How would you feel if you had a child that had a serious illness and there was some doctor down the block who knew how to help these incredibly sick, messed up kids, and never told you about them? And then your child dies or becomes a ward of the state and you find out that there was an answer?

When we help them, it’s not with a snap of the fingers, but at least we know how to approach it. We know how to give these kids a chance. We can address all kinds of things. As a result we have a responsibility for actually delivering on the things that we know.

A vital part of that is making sure we have a patient management procedure in place that will get that patient onto the purpose of staying with us long enough to get results. There’s nothing worse for a practice than patients who start a program, don’t finish it, and therefore don’t get the results. Then they tell everybody that they “tried your program and it didn’t work.”

I always made it very clear to every patient in my practice that unless you have actually “done the program,” you haven’t done it. That “starting” it is not doing it.

Every one of us has a common purpose. That’s why we’re here. Whenever I or my certified instructors are standing in front of a group of like-minded practitioners, we know that we are in front of the people who are taking responsibility for this whole sector of this society.

It is my opinion that the allopathic approach to chronic illness is an abysmal failure, proven by its own miserable statistics. As Dr. Royal Lee talked about, the practice of dispensing toxic chemicals to suppress the symptoms of nutritional deficiency and toxicity is not only not working but has contributed to creating more long-term chronic illness and feeding more patients to the psychiatrist due to the despondency that often results from these.

In my view, the truth of the matter is that if we were to capture those patients before they got into those allopathic hands, we would prevent them from ever getting into that dwindling spiral of worsening health with no “cure” in sight.

We have the tools. We have the responsibility. Therefore, it is up to us to effectively communicate it. And we can assist you with that as well.

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