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There has never been a better time than now to be or become a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner and/or Nutrition Coach.  According to a report published by McKinsey and Company in September 2022, the wellness market is growing quickly with the number of consumers who report wellness as a top priority rising to around 50 percent from a previous level of 42 percent in 2020.  Those numbers are expected to continue rising as pandemic variations and other health challenges become a driver of public concern.

The McKinsey & Company report identifies six dimensions of wellness that consumers consistently reference: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Appearance, mindfulness, and Sleep, with the latest research indicating that the lines between these dimensions are becoming less distinct.  People are reaching for services and products to meet their needs in these areas, with an estimated spend this year of $450 billion in the United States alone, and expected to grow by more than 5 percent annually.  There is a growing awareness that nutrition and health are key components of a healthy lifestyle that encompasses the other dimensions.  An N.R.T. practice that also delivers Nutrition Coaching can provide an array of services that cover a broad segment of that demand.

As demand increases, established practices are positioned to be the solution people are looking for, particularly when they provide the results they seek.  And more practitioners are needed to meet the demand.  With the precise tools of N.R.T. in analyzing the underlying cause of illness and determining the exact nutritional support that will allow the body to heal itself, we are poised to provide sustainable wellness and grow ahead of the trend.

According to McKinsey, “Consumers increasingly value and seek out products and services that can address needs across several wellness dimensions (such as mindfulness and fitness or nutrition and appearance).”

”Health and Nutrition,” “Nutrition and Fitness,” “Nutrition and Appearance,” and “The Effect of Nutrition on Mindfulness and Sleep” – more than marketing angles, these are real areas of concern that can be developed with targeted services that will grow your client base.  The difference between a practice that can grow to provide these services, and one that doesn’t, comes down to administration, what Daniele G. Lattanzi, CFO and Co-Owner of UNS, identifies as Step 2 in the sequence of expansion.  A practice with effective technology and good admin will continue to grow with the demand.

That growth for us means healthier communities built on wellness rather than sustaining an industry of managing symptoms and gradual decay, changing the healthcare paradigm.  This is our purpose at UNS, and we hope it is yours as well.

The UNS Owners Retreat is being offered this summer to provide you with the most important management data so that you can achieve that “good admin” and expand with the wellness demand. With the right technology, and the right admin, and growing demand, now is the time to really “Boom Your Practice.”


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