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Better Patient Results for Animals with
The Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing®
Online Course, Veterinary Edition



Better Patient Results for Animals with The Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing® Online Course, Veterinary Edition


Nutrition Response Testing is the complete system developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN to help patients overcome the underlying barriers to getting and staying well. Thousands of practitioners from different fields are using this modality to get better patient results on people.

An increasing number of veterinarians are now using Nutrition Response Testing to get better results for their animal patients.

With this course, featuring Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN, you’ll get your first introduction into what Nutrition Response Testing is, how it works, the laws back of the technique and a step-by-step description of the 13 steps of Nutrition Response Testing, as well as how to create a Designed Clinical Nutrition Wellness Program for each of your patients. In addition, this Veterinary Edition includes video of Freddie Ulan explaining how the technique is used on animals, as well as video of Dr. Ulan doing a Nutrition Response Testing health check on 9 different animals.

While many of our clients have gone on to take further training in Nutrition Response Testing, from our 1-Day seminars all the way to our Professional Level and Advanced Clinical Training programs, many of them got started applying it in their practice with this simple online course.

Find out what thousands of healthcare professionals have been using in their practices to get better patient results. Take the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course, Veterinary Edition.

“Flint, a 12 year old male neutered Australian Shepherd, was brough to me with a history of vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days, and had been lethargic for a week or more. Owner brought him in for a euthanasia consult. In her experience when she had a dog this sick, she had hospitalized and done diagnostics, but had always ended up putting them down in the end. She didn’t want to put him through anything if it was the end. She was willing to try nutritional supplements. We agreed that we would give him 48 hours to respond and then put him down if he was still sick. He was non-ambulatory. My assistant had to help her carry him in from the car. He tested for Chemicals, Food Sensitivity, and the Liver was weak. We started him on HVS Chemicals, Multizyme, and high dose of Livaplex 8/day in a 52 lb dog – 4 twice a day. The owner called me 2 days later and said that he was eating and that he seemed to perk up significantly after the Livaplex. Recheck appointment ten days later, he walked into my exam room wagging his tail and wanting treats after discussing euthanasia the week before. A month later the owner said he has more energy and is more playful than he has been in months, maybe a couple years. She had thought that he was just getting older.”

Dr. Rachel Starr, DVM

“I consider my practice to be integrative, doing conventional veterinary work which I was trained in, and also doing alternative holistic work, particularly nutrition. I’ve been a vet since 1988. I got into muscle testing in 1996 and Nutrition Response Testing later in 2004 by attending a seminar with Dr. Freddie Ulan. I started applying these techniques and seeing my pet patients getting more energetic, breathing problems improved, and becoming more lively. I wanted to learn more, so I did the Intermediate and Advanced Clinical Training. Now my care for my animal patients is on a whole different level.”

Cameron Moorehead, DVM

“I muscle tested the family pooch, ‘Hannah’ while she was here. The vet said she had heart problems. When I tested her, I found out she had a severe wheat sensitivity hurting her kidneys which was putting a strain on her heart. Got her on the right supplements that are easy to mix with her food. Now her body can heal, and my parents now know what not to feed her. Within minutes of taking her first dose of supplements, the wheezing that she usually did when she breathes lightened up noticeably. My parents were so amazed. I love what I can do with Nutrition Response Testing and how I can use it to help members of my family. Even the furry ones.”

Hayley Imbriani Dieppa, LMT

“My 4-year old cat suddenly showed signs of being seriously ill late last week and after muscle testing him using NRT, I suspected a urinary tract issue. He was super lethargic and my kids were freaking out so I took him to the vet ER. He ended up with sepsis and his blood pressure was out of control. Prognosis was poor and at $1000 per day at the Vet ER, the bills were adding up fast with no end in sight. They recommended euthanasia and allowed us to come see him. I was able to muscle test him and gave him the liquid homeopathic remedies that he tested for. He seemed to respond immediately. The vet agreed to continue to administer and to recheck bloodwork that evening.

“To their surprise, it improved and by the next day his blood pressure had also normalized. I consulted with Dr. Cameron Moorehead, DVM after we got back from the vet and he talked me through what the next steps would be once we got him stable and home. I brought him home, retested and fine-tuned his program, and have him on a raw food, bone broth diet. Since he’s eating again he is also taking some whole food derived nutritional supplements and doing so much better. He is on the road to recovery albeit with a little less fur from them shaving him for the ultrasounds, but it’ll grow back!”

Sarah Outlaw, MH, MSACN, N.R.T. Practitioner

Little Startup Cost

Get started on your Nutrition Response Testing journey for only $195.

No Travel Necessary

Learn the 13-step procedure without having to travel to our headquarters in Clearwater, FL.

Accessible 24/7

No restrictions on when and how many times you can watch this training video series. Enjoy full access 24/7 365 days a year.

$195 – Pricing and Benefits

For only $195, you will get unlimited access to this video series course, along with any future updates. 

Better Patient Results for Animals with The Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course, Veterinary Edition

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