Find Out How Nutrition Response Testing can Increase Your Practice and Help You Help More People

Everyone wants to stably grow their practice and help more people. In this webinar, Erika Schultz, LAc, ACN, relates her story discovering Nutrition Response Testing and how it has impacted her practice. She’ll go over how she was able to seamlessly integrate Nutrition Response Testing with acupuncture and how she’s been able to increase the volume of her practice to seeing over 100 patients a week with ease.
The webinar also features a video demonstration from UNS Clinical Training Director, Dr. Brad Kristiansen, DC. He will explain the 13 steps of the Nutrition Response Testing procedure, including how and why it works to analyze difficulties with the body so the practitioner can zero in on the exact program to help the patient.
This is a recorded webinar and can be viewed at any time.

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