The UNS Webinar Channel has hosted a series of webinars on marketing for practitioners. We’ve covered conventional marketing in today’s post-quarantine world, as well as social media from Facebook to Instagram.

But what about Google? When someone searches for you online, is your practice the first thing they see?

In this webinar Sally Falkow, Director of PR at Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc., will cover the subject in detail. She’ll lay out the simple fundamentals of what you need to do to ensure your practice is showing up in Google search results. She’ll then go into further steps you can take to utilize Google for your practice’s marketing (if you know the subject well, there’s a lot you can do!).

Tune in to this week’s webinar to get the latest on building an online presence and expanding your practice with better marketing.

Hosted by John Eberhard, VP of Marketing at UNS.

This Wednesday, October 28 at 12:30 EST.

Register here:

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