You’ve been hearing about it. You’ve seen the ads announcing it. The 5G network is now rolling out across nearly all major service providers.


What does this mean in terms of potential health risks from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by the 5G network? What do you do now that it’s here? To help answer that question, we are joined by John Payne from Purelife Health Sciences Group.
In this webinar John Payne will cover different aspects of what the arrival of the 5G network means for people. He will give his insights into the potential effects of it, how to answer patients’ questions about it, and provide data about what people can do about it.
If you’ve had patients asking about what to do about 5G (or if you yourself have just wanted more information about it) tune in to this Wednesday’s webinar.
This Wednesday, February 3 at 12:30 PM EST.

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