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Every month there is at least one health observance you can tap into to promote your services and reach more people in your community looking for health advice.

For example, February is American Heart month, the perfect month for it as it also has Valentine’s Day.

How can you use this in your marketing?

  1. Post useful content about heart health on your social media platforms.
  2. Post heart healthy recipes
  3. Participate in Go Red day on February 5th and take a picture of your staff. Post that on social media.
  4. Offer a free heart health check – great for the Heart Sound Recorder or the Heart Variability Test
  5. Offer a Valentine’s gift card for a loved one to get an initial Nutritional Response Testing session.
  6. Post healthy ideas for a Valentine’s gift or dinner, rather than traditional chocolates laced with sugar.
  7. Spend a little money on Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the posts that do well organically.
  8. Set up a custom audience in Facebook, targeting people in your immediate environment who have an interest in heart health, natural healing, and alternative medicine.

Here’s an example of how this might look:


This is what the Facebook Ad could look like:

In his recent newsletter, Dr Ulan suggested that you should make a circle around your practice and take responsibility for that area.

Well, you can do that quite effectively using Facebook.

The audience in a 25-mile radius around our area, who are interested in heart health, alternative medicine, and nutrition, is 140,000.

For a budget of $5 a day you could reach between 350 and 1000 people every day! The estimated click through rate is between 20 and 50 per day.

Use Facebook to find your audience in the area around your practice.

There are special health observance days like this every month.  Learn to use them and create great looking, well-designed posts that get people’s attention on social media.

Learn how to find your perfect audience using Facebook ads and get your message out there. It’s a great way to take responsibility for your area and reach the people who need help.

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