Using Facebook to Expand Your Practice

With John Eberhard, VP of Marketing at Ulan Nutritional Systems Inc.

John Eberhard, VP Marketing at Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc., has been an expert in the Marketing field for over 30 years, with extensive familiarity in several specialties of Internet Marketing including Social Media Marketing. In this Facebook Live session, he goes into the basics of Facebook Marketing and why any practitioner today MUST have and know how to use a Facebook company page (different than their personal Facebook page).

Just a few of the points he will cover:

o    What is the difference between a personal page and a company page?
o    Why is having a big community of loyal fans on Facebook important?
o    What kind of content should you post on your page, and how often?
o    What things prompt a person to follow your Facebook page?
o    The basics of how to do a Facebook ad campaign: how to create an ad, what kind of ads to put up, and how to use Facebook’s targeting system

The Facebook Live session starts this Wednesday, July 1, at 12:30 PM EST.

Attend the Facebook Live session by going to the UNS Facebook page and clicking on the Live button once the session starts.

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