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CLEARWATER, FL: Ulan Nutritional Systems (, a company delivering training to chiropractors and nutritionists, has released a new online training course on Nutrition Response Testing.

The course covers the basics on Nutrition Response Testing, a technology developed by Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN to help chiropractors and other holistic practitioners get better results for their patients. This technology has been embraced by holistic health practitioners across the country. The new course allows a practitioner to learn the basics online through a series of training videos. The videos feature UNS instructor Dr. Lisa Palmer, a Chiropractor in the Orlando area and President of UNS. The course also includes downloadable guides, charts, and easy-to-follow reference materials.

In the course, Dr. Palmer outlines how her discovery of Dr. Ulan’s work on Nutrition Response Testing literally saved her from a life-threatening health condition.

Dr. Brian Douts, a Chiropractor from Abington, VA, commented on the new online course: "I was so excited to learn about a way to perform a nutritional evaluation by using the nervous system. With Nutrition Response Testing, there is no guessing or basing nutrition off symptoms. This analysis allows you to find the primary nutritional needs of the person! The course is very user-friendly, straightforward and will give you the steps to start Nutrition Response Testing. I highly recommend it!"

Anyone interested can learn more about the course here:

Ulan Nutritional Systems was founded in 2005 by Dr. Freddie Ulan. After his discoveries in the field of nutrition, he overcame a severe physical illness. He started receiving more and more demand from health care practitioners to train them on his methods. The company now offers not only training in Nutrition Response Testing, but also in patient management, practice management and personal development. Their website can be seen at They can be reached at 866-418-4801.
Media Contact:

Lisa Palmer, President
Ulan Nutritional Systems
1170 NE Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755
(727) 442-7101
[email protected]

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