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A year ago, Clearwater, Florida-based training center Ulan Nutritional Systems began using a digital platform, StudyJet, to offer interactive online learning to their client base of health care professionals. Now, the company is celebrating its one-year anniversary using this system and is reflecting on its successes.

StudyJet is an educational software platform developed by a management training company in Russia. The platform offers management courses for business owners and staff to help them expand their businesses. Unlike other online learning systems, StudyJet combines the convenience of a self-paced program with live online tutors who observe how students are progressing and offer real-time help or feedback.

Most online learning platforms have a completion rate between 4 and 27 percent, according to Study Jet representatives. The StudyJet system has delivered more than 4,000 hours of online courses worldwide, with an 86 percent completion rate.

Ulan Nutritional Systems is currently the only company licensed to use StudyJet in the U.S. They offer several practice management courses for healthcare practitioners to help them grow their practices, and say they’ve received positive feedback from clients using the StudyJet system.

Healthcare practitioners are clinically trained in their specialty and must meet rigorous continuing education requirements. However, practice management training is not always a priority, both due to budget and time constraints. Aaron Skinner, DC, has taken several courses with Ulan Nutritional Systems, and says the programs have allowed him to make the most of their training budget and schedule.

“These courses have provided the knowledge needed to expand and manage our growth,” said Skinner. “I’ve been able to put my staff on the courses too, which I would not have been able to do if they had to travel. It’s had a very positive impact on our practice.”

According to the Physician Virtual Communications Survey, produced by the MedData Group, 84 percent of physicians prefer to complete their continuing medical education online. Online learning can be cost-effective and convenient while providing a wide selection of courses, a less stressful way to learn new material, and unlimited access to course resources. Further, online learning is now poised to provide networking and opportunities to engage with industry leaders.

To learn more about Ulan Nutritional Systems and its course offerings, click here.

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