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By Brad Kristiansen, DC

I had 2 young male patients that were born in Columbia, South America. An American couple who lived in Iowa near to my practice adopted them.

Before arriving in my practice, they both were diagnosed with classic Asperger Syndrome i.e. Autism. Both boys were very introverted, noncommunicative, and definitely exhibited the “don’t you dare touch me” phenomena most common with autism.

It was a good thing that Dr. Ulan had prepared me for this type of situation. I tested them with Nutrition Response Testing very quickly, only using the basic standard testing methods. This allowed me to identify what their priority body areas were that needed support first. Interestingly enough, neither boy had the brain area show up as a priority area to be addressed. One boy had what we call “blocked regulation” and the heart was the priority. Blocked regulation means the body doesn’t have the ability to control its nervous system to the point that it won’t accept any form of help. The other boy had a condition we call “switched” and had a pancreas priority. Switched is a confusion in the autonomic nervous system causing the body to “switch” normal functioning.

I put them on the Standard Process supplements that were indicated by the testing. This got the first boy unblocked and the second boy unswitched. The more difficult thing to do was to get the parents and grandparents to stop feeding them sugar. I’m happy to say that they did and next thing you know, the boys calmed down, would actually talk to me, learned American English and grew up to be normal boys!

I visited Iowa for Christmas a couple of years ago and almost got tackled in the mall by two teenage boys. It was the two boys who I took care of when they were 5 and 7. They are now 15 and 17 and darn near knocked me over at the mall. When I turned around, I was a bit confused by these 2 young men until they said, “You probably don’t remember us because we were tiny when we first met you.” Then they told me their names and of course I remembered them! It was such a joy to see how they grew up and that I was able to help them.

The reality is that this is exactly why I learned chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing. For those 2 boys, and the many others, to help them with their exuberance for life and their gratitude is my real pay!!!

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