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by Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

We’re in a very interesting time, to say the least. Thirty years ago you never saw a commercial for a pharmaceutical drug. You saw the Alka-Seltzer commercials. And of course, today it’s a “health food.” When they discovered that Alka-Seltzer was totally ruining the digestion and preventing calcium absorption they turned it into a “health food” by putting insoluble calcium salts into it. To prevent osteoporosis, of course.

The level of insanity in the health field has been climbing and climbing. We’re at a point where we really have to take responsibility for this or our kids and grandkids are going to be in trouble. When I turn on the TV set and see a blatant commercial for a pharmaceutical drug that has so many side effects they can’t even say them all in speed-talk, it irks me. That’s a very gentle word because I didn’t want to offend my readers.

The main reason I teach is to get us all on the same page — the guys that understand the truth and the need for what we are doing. I’ve been told it’s impossible. However, when I was sitting in my very successful practice in Glens Falls, New York, with patients flying in from southern California, Korea, Germany, South America and from Florida in the middle of the winter, I had to disseminate this knowledge to every practitioner I could reach, so that patients who have heard about our work can find someone closer to home that they can confidently see.

The bottom line is, I wasn’t going to be able to handle the whole thing alone. It really does take a team; people who are working shoulder to shoulder, people who are aligned, who care, who aren’t simply out for themselves. There are many easier ways to make a living than doing what we do, so I’m assuming that you as a practitioner are not strictly money motivated.

“Making money” has never been my motivation. In fact, because I don’t need a heck of a lot of money, each year I donate a substantial portion of my income to my favorite [non-medical] charities. It is easy to be financially successful if you are providing a service that enables people to really get well at a price they can afford. In my low-fee practice I never sold more supplements than the person needed to take them to the next visit, ever. It’s one of my most powerful policies that I established in the office: the staff is not allowed to sell anyone more supplements than needed to take them to their next visit.

What we need is not one guy in Glens Falls, but thousands of practitioners who are seeing a volume of patients that they are comfortable seeing—but it needs to be high. I’m not talking about the three-minute visit. With most of my patients we spend a solid ten minutes per visit and half of that time is just chat because it only takes about five minutes to do the actual technical stuff once you are properly trained. That chat time is important too. It’s the chat that opens the door to the referral chain.

So, we’re not rushed; we had a very relaxed, relatively high volume practice. I say that because I’ve been in chiropractic practices where 20–30 patients an hour is standard operating procedure. And then I’ve seen the same DC two or three years later lying on the beach in Venice, and I ask him, “What are you doing here?” and he says, “Oh, I burned out.”

Finding Our Real Purpose

What was the purpose, what was the reason that you as a practitioner went into this work? Somewhere along the line we got this idea that we’re here to actually help restore health, help restore the quality of life to people; get them out of the medical-pharmaceutical trap that has only one direction—death—after lots of side effects and painful, bankrupting experiences.

There are some people whose purpose is just to have money and these guys are incredible entrepreneurs and they don’t even care what product they’re selling. I’ve never been able to get into that game—even though there have been times in my life that I wished more than anything that I had more money.

Before we opened the practice in New York, I was almost dead. By 1991, every system in my body had practically shut down due to several years of incredible dietary and lifestyle violations. I was traveling all over the world, I was on a charitable crusade that kept me on planes a couple of times a week, living out of hotels, eating hotel food, eating in restaurants, always being on a weird body schedule. Eventually, my body literally collapsed. I was diagnosed, of course, with the usual things that they diagnose you with these days: chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. My heart was exhausted, my adrenals didn’t work, my thyroid didn’t work, my whole endocrine system was pretty much shut down and I was aging incredibly rapidly. I was definitely not a great example of an alternative healer!

We managed to find some answers that stopped the body from totally decaying, but then we had to find answers that would enable us to rebuild the body—and that’s where all the enlightenment came from. Because there is no medication that will rebuild a body, there is no nutraceutical that can rebuild a body. The only thing that these bodies depend upon for replacing themselves is nutrition! Real nutrition!

Real nutrition includes the basic building blocks, which include your essential amino acids, your essential fatty acids, the right type of carbohydrates and basically as unprocessed and raw as possible within safe limits.

– From the Better Patient Results eBook

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