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By Brad Kristiansen, DC

While utilizing Nutrition Response Testing® along with chiropractic, I have seen some pretty miraculous results. I would like to tell you about one that even shocked me.

This was a case where the patient came into my office with a paralyzed right arm.  Her arm had been diagnosed at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (called ALS), a fancy name for Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

This means that it is a form of multiple sclerosis where it affects one side. We all know the famous ALS case, Stephen Hawking. He just died. He was degenerating and dying his whole life.

When I tested this patient, we discovered what we call in Nutrition Response Testing, a “blocked regulation” condition due to scars.

Blocked regulation means the body doesn’t have the ability to control its nervous system to the point that it won’t accept anything. Blocked regulation means blocked from healing, blocked from functioning.

There are either active scars, which means they are actively causing a problem, or they are not active which means that you’ve got a scar that is just a scar. When you’ve got an active scar, it is not the scar causing the problem. The scar is the evidence there has been a break in the nerve tissue that is now confusing the body.

What’s supposed to happen is that a nerve signal follows a correct path and goes where it’s supposed to go. A scar increases the number of nerve fibers in the area as part of the healing process.  The nerve fibers are trying to reunite across the gap in the injured area.  In a scar the broken nerve connection formed acts as a capacitor for nerve energy.  Capacitors store energy.  So the nerve signals come in and instead of continuing on the correct path, they are stored in the nerve fibers of the scar until it reaches its capacity and discharges.

Unfortunately, with a scar situation, it rarely discharges along the correct path. Instead it starts sending signals to the wrong areas of the body. That’s how a scar can mess with the body.

The Nutrition Response Testing Analysis on this patient with the paralyzed arm indicated there was a scar someplace causing blocked regulation. So, I had to find the scar.  We looked for scars and we couldn’t find one anywhere.

I asked her if she ever remembered any instances of having a bad cut or the breaking of her skin. All you are looking for is something that broke the surface of the skin. The skin is not the problem, it is how the nerves healed and reconnected in the scar.

Turns out she had a little dinky puncture wound from a 3-week-old kitten on a point right by her nail bed on one finger. She said, “I remember it because it hurt like crazy. It bled for almost a half an hour.”  That was it! This was the worst scar I have ever seen that I never saw, because I couldn’t see it when it was found.

We have a protocol where we address an active scar with either wheat germ oil (because wheat germ oil will help the body reorganize the neurology) or we use what’s called low-level light therapy.  The low-level light therapy also does the same thing that the wheat germ oil does, but it does it a little more intensely. I grabbed my device and started shining it on that scar. Within about 10 or 15 seconds she started reacting.

All I had seen was Dr. Ulan on a VHS tape where he said to find the scar and do a 1-minute trial to see if that is going to help the patient.

So, I was doing a 1-minute trial and she reacted.  I asked her what was going on, and she goes, “My arm is starting to tingle.”  And her arm started working again!

This was just from using the basic Nutrition Response Testing standard protocol.

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