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The Wall of Fame is our longest standing and most prestigious award. It requires, completion of at least the first four modules of Advanced Clinical Training and is based on evidence of applying the work, in terms of practice growth and consistently seeing a substantial number of clients successfully.

The Wall of Fame acknowledges our most successful practitioners, those who have applied the technology of Nutrition Response Testing® and are booming their practice as a result. Two names were added to the list in 2022 and announced at the Fall Symposium. We look forward to having many more join them in 2023.

How can you qualify for inclusion on the prestigious Wall of Fame?

Recognition on the Wall of Fame is based on statistics. The base line for consideration is that you have completed Advanced Clinical Training Modules 1-4, and that your practice has reached the level of seventy-five NRT office visits per week, for a minimum of three weeks in a row, and is doing well. Beyond that, the award is earned by affluence production.

Affluence production is defined by statistics that go steeply up on a graph. That occurs when what you have been doing and producing suddenly comes in at a higher level, whether as a one week rise or over several weeks. It indicates a higher degree of success. Handled well, an affluence can produce a higher normal.

The key to winning a spot on the Wall of Fame then is to first, learn and apply NRT, and second, continue to apply the technology correctly and boom your practice. Affluence can be shown through numbers of Nutritional Office Visits, Total Office Visits, Nutritional Income/Collections, New Patients, Supplemental Sales, etc. Once that is attained your consultant will put you forward for recognition.

Your UNS consultant has the goal of helping you to be successful with your nutrition practice and is your point person for questions about how you can achieve the status. They will work with you to identify and handle any stops to barriers to your success, and to guide you toward achieving your goals.

Altogether there have been over a hundred practitioners added to our Wall of Fame, with our most recent addition earning the status this month at the beginning of 2023. Our goal is for each and every one of you to earn this status and gain the success that you deserve. You have the technology now with Nutrition Response Testing, and the full support of UNS, to boom your practice and positively affect the health and wellness of your community. Together across the nation we are building an army of fully trained NRT practitioners that will change the health care paradigm in this country.

Wall of Fame Awardees: 2007 – 2023

Sophie Alexander, MS Nutrition; Labron Allen, ACN, CTN; Anthony Alphonso, DC; Elise Anderson; Alicia Armitstead, DC; Lesley Brighton; Jason Copping, DC; Michael Court, DC; Kerry Cradit; Jean-Guy Daigneault, DC; Jason Dean; Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia, DC; Drew Detzner, CNC; Ann Doggett, DC, LDN; Melissa Dyer, RN; Shannon Eggleston; Dan Eyink, MD; Zachary Fatkin, DC; Darren Fitzpatrick; Brian Foley, DC; Marty Furlong; Guy Furno, DC; Serge Gegoire; Judith Gibbs; Debra Hanna; John Harrington, DC; Suzy Harris, DC; Kristy Harvell; William (DC) & Deborah Hestrup; Hayley Imbriani; David Jantz, DC; Marty Johnson, ND; Sherie Julian, CNC; Bonnie Juul; Chelsea Kazmierczak-Gothel; Wayne Kohan, DC, CCN, DACBN; Lauren Kolowski, DC; Brad Kristiansen, DC; Li Liu, OMD, L.Ac.; Joe Lombino, DC; Sojaila LoPresto, LMT; Helene Masonholder, LMT, PhD; Anna Mirsch, BA Nutrition; Cameron Moorehead, DMV; Abdul Alim Muhammad, MD; Sarah Outlaw, CHC; Lisa Palmer, DC; Kajal Patel; Mark Pederson, DC; Stacy Phelps, DC; Roger Popp, DC; Lisa Provost; Lori Puskar, DC; Paul Rosen, L.Ac.; Shannon Roznay, DC; Joe Rufrano, DC; Vincent Saccone, DC; Gary Saks, DC; Erica Shultz; Aaron Skinner, DC; Kelli Snellings, CMT; Scott Sommer, L.Ac.; John St. John, DC; Cori Stern, DC; Greg Sternquist, DC; Joe Strickland; Kathy Strickler, CTN, CNC; Doreen Sundin, DC, L.Ac.; Janine Taylor, RN, BSN; Penny Thrash, BS; Leslie Toothman, NC; Kim Townsend, BFA; Jenny Vest; Brian Walsh, DC; Charley Ward, DC; Michael Wells, NMD, PhD; Pam Werth; Sam Zeiler, MS, CCN.

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