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By Adam Avery

At the end of 2016 the basic stressor test kits (Food/Immune & Metals/Chemicals) were re-released after a year-long research project by Dr. Freddie Ulan to bring the test kits up to date.

What was found was that the original set up of the test kits were no longer sufficient to handle the current environment and the current body conditions that patients were experiencing. As a result, practitioners were not seeing the results that they used to see.  While the old test kits are still valid, the clinical fact is that in using the old kits, things are being missed on your patients that the new test kits address.

Differences in the test kits:

The old test kits had a total of:
Major Foods 24 vials
Immune Challenges 16 vials
Heavy Metals 16 vials
Chemicals 14 vials

The upgraded test kits have a total of:
Common Foods 30 vials
Immune Challenges 18 Vials
Metals 30 vials
Chemicals 29 vials

The other thing you will immediately notice is that the names on the test kits have changed. It is no longer “Major Foods” but is now “Common Foods” and it is no longer “Heavy Metals,” but just “Metals.”

Common Foods-
The old test kits were more US based for the food sources. This has now been expanded to be any kind of the food source that can be found anywhere on the planet.  So any type of wheat, rice, grain, etc.  This was needed because of how prevalent travel has become and with imports and exports of foods being more common than ever.

Some new vials in the Common Foods section include:

Gluten- to see if the person really is gluten sensitive
Stevia- to see if the person has a bad reaction to Stevia
Poultry/Meats/Fish & Seafood/Beans & Legumes- not only can you see if the patients are having a problem with these in general but also if it is just the quality of these items that they are eating.

Immune Challenges-
ALL Immune vials have been updated through the end of 2017 based on extensive research on government websites such as the CDC website and now cover every known strain of bacteria, virus, parasite and fungus that can be found anywhere on the planet.  This includes all mutated, manmade, no longer “around”, just discovered, etc.  If it exists it is in the vials.

VFs (Virulence Factors)
The easiest way to explain this is that as you kill off immune challenges there is debris left behind that becomes the breeding ground for the immune challenges to come back.

This is just different metals that are present in the environment that we are all exposed to daily.

The big upgrades here are the Fluoride vial (brand new), and updated Alcohols vial, which now includes all known types to include drinking alcohols.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I just buy the vials I am missing?
A: No.  The old test kits and the new test kits do not work together.  Some of the things in the new vials have been moved to other vials or have standalone vials now.  Using the old test kits and the new test kits together or even back to back, could invalidate your findings.

Q: Can I buy just one of the test kits?
A: No.  The kits are sold as a set, and both are needed to correctly do Nutrition Response Testing.

Q: Is there any better price for the test kits, maybe a sale coming up?
A: No, the test kits on their own are $650.  We do have packages for materials that would give a discount, but not just on the test kits themselves.

Q: What exactly is in the vials? (most commonly asked about Immune challenges)
A: That is proprietary information, but if the critter exists on the planet now or in the past it is covered by the test kits.

Q: Can I get a specific immune challenge vial made?
A: While we can get custom vials made depending on your needs, profession (Chiro, Vet, Acupuncturist, Massage, etc.) and region, we cannot get specific immune vials made as that gets into diagnosing which you are legally not able to do unless you are an MD.

For more information on the Basic Stressor Test Kits call 727-683-5893 or go to the UNS Health Store website.

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