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by Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

In the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing® online course, Dr. Freddie discusses the three ingredients needed for a successful nutritional cash practice. The first one is great products that you can count on. Second is a time-tested proven workable system for zeroing in on the patient’s needs and monitoring their progress.

The third ingredient is an effective standardized system of nutrition patient and practice management. Unfortunately, there is an absence of this technology in the broad general field of physical healing.

What we’ve discovered in our practice, and we have a million-dollar nutritional cash practice that we developed and built in upstate New York. We had to learn what it takes to actually have a low stress, high income, extremely effective, efficient, nutritional cash practice that is economical and that runs itself.  Literally runs itself.

We had to develop a completely new system for handling the nutritional patient. While he may also be a chiropractic patient, he may also be an acupuncture patient. He may also be a medical patient. He may also be a dental patient.  And have various other hats. When he is wearing the hat of the nutritional patient, he has to be handled in a very specific way. This is what we discovered.

When we discovered what that procedure consisted of, for addressing the nutritional patient. How do you intake them? How do you orient them? How do you educate them? How much time do you have to spend in the beginning to get their full commitment and narrow that down to literally a turnkey procedure?

The stress level in our practice just disappeared. The practice literally runs itself. So how do you know if you have an effective patient management and practice management tool? First thing is it increases compliance and results. That is the big thing that all of our practitioners are up against today.

When you ask him, “Why aren’t you doing more nutrition compliance?”

“I just can’t get compliance on nutrition.”

if you can’t get compliance, you can’t get results. Assuming that you have great products that you can count on. Assuming that you have a really good system for analyzing the patient and determining their needs.

The only thing left is, can you get the patient to do the program? That takes a system. It’s not a personality driven system. It’s an actual, step-by-step, practically mechanical system that can be applied by anybody who knows the parts and is willing to put it into place. If you want to have a successful nutritional practice, you have to have a system for handling the nutritional patient while he’s on a nutritional program.

The next thing is, if it’s an effective system, it will reduce stress. There’s nothing like having a great answer, being able to actually help people being actually able to turn people’s health conditions around, but the more you’re doing the harder it is on you.

I was just talking to a doctor outside who told me that he has a small, high-stress practice.

That’s the worst of all worlds, Isn’t it. The bottom line is, if it’s a small practice, you’re not helping enough people to really make your life worthwhile as a health practitioner. But if it’s a small, stressful practice, it means you’re not making enough money. You’re worrying all the time and you’re not getting enough people. Well, why even get up in the morning?

“That’s why I’m here,” he said.  “I do get great results on a small number of patients.”

I said, “Well, my goodness. What would happen if your practice practically tripled overnight?”

He said, “I wouldn’t be able to handle it. The stress would kill me.”

All that indicates to me is the absence of a workable, management program, a workable patient management program. Because when we identify the actual steps, what I refer to as the secrets of successful nutritional patient management and the cash practice, when we identified each of the steps, each of the parts of what makes a nutritional practice easy to manage, not only did the practice start growing itself, but our stress level went down.

As the practice got bigger. Our stress level got less. That’s the way it ought to be.

As part of that, it would increase your efficiency and lower your overhead.  A good system will do that. It will increase your efficiency and lower your overhead.

Vital to a very workable and effective management program is that it increases referrals. It becomes a self-generating referral machine and probably the most important product that is produced by an effective patient management system is that it turns your patients and staff into zealots who literally build your practice for you.

So that’s the third piece. And we offer complete training in that entire aspect as part of our program, to put the pieces in place to actually change the healthcare system in this country. It’s not just enough to learn the technique.

– Excerpt from the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing® online course.


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