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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


There is a generational degeneration. The people who are the healthiest today do not have family who go back 3 generations of eating refined foods. The healthiest people I see today are people who are 1st or 2nd generation off the farm.

And I mean small farms, not the big commercial farms. Because I remember when I was really sick, back in the late 80s early 90s, I was down in Mexico getting some advanced therapies to see if I could bring this body back to life, because I was a 3rd generation Pottenger’s Cat (as described in Part 1)! My health had just fallen apart.

I was at this clinic where about 60-70 percent of the patients were cancer patients (I didn’t have cancer) and I got into communication with a large number of them and I was shocked to find that almost all of them were farmers from the Midwest. When I talked to them and asked, “What do you think is causing it?” the doctors found repeatedly that it was pesticide poisoning, they all had pesticides as the trigger for their cancers.

So, when I talk about just came off the farm, I’m not talking about those guys, I’m talking about the small family farm that tries to raise vegetables in a very natural and healthful way with as little pesticides as possible.

The takeaway from this is very interesting. The takeaway from Pottenger’s studies was that he was able to restore health in the later cats where he took them back to the level of health from generations ago.

There’s something really interesting about this. You might say, “Well, that’s great. I’m dying now, so if I start eating well then my great-great-great grandchildren are going to finally be healthy.” Well, no. There’s a unique difference between us and cats, and it has to do with life span. The fact is that our bodies are not the same body 7 years from now, within 7 years every cell in your body is a new cell.

When I saw Pottenger’s work when I was really sick, he was my main inspiration for ever having any hope of restoring my health. I looked at this and said “Wait a second, he was able to restore health by changing diet!” And I knew from my own studies in physiology that the body can regenerate itself.

I figured that what I was going to need was 3 generations of this body, not future generations but 3 generations of this body, to get back into some kind of decent health, based on Pottenger’s studies. Three to four generations, so that would be about 21-28 years if you look at and consider that it takes 7 years to replace every cell in the body. Some of your cells are being replaced hourly, but I’m talking about everything. You’ve got a brand new body, it doesn’t have 1 cell in it that it had 7 years ago. I got this idea that if I started eating a more natural, less refined diet, I was creating my body that would be there 7 years from now. Every day I’m creating 7 years into the future by eating well following Pottenger’s guidelines. And I’ll just tell you, it works!

And by the way, my immune system was so shot that when I was at the bottom of my health curve in 1989-90-91, I couldn’t be near anybody without feeling sick. And I was sick all the time. Even as I started to repair myself, I remember a couple times I went into a hospital to visit a couple people, and by the time I got out of that hospital I was already feeling sick. I had to load up on supplements to fix my immune system strain from being in a hospital. (Hospitals have the strongest bacteria in the universe. The only bacteria that survives in the hospital are the ones strong enough to survive massive anti-biotics.)

The point being that what you eat creates the status of your body’s systems, including your immune system, your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system, your circulatory system, the whole thing. And it doesn’t take much to actually bring about a positive improvement. It doesn’t take much. And that’s the good news.

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