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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


The functional illness nutrition practice is one that is dedicated to restoring health and wellness to people who want to be free from medical and pharmaceutical dependency and early death.

The basics make the difference between a really successful practice, where the doctor can help many people, and a practice which never reaches its potential. The information about nutrition and health which allows doctors to become successful has been around for decades, but it’s being fully utilized by only a handful of practitioners. Technique is important too, and I think with Nutrition Response Testing® we have developed what is as close as possible to the ultimate technique for the standard case. But what I have found over the years is that doctors don’t know the nutritional basics well enough to make the most out of Nutrition Response Testing or any other technique.

The failure of pharmaceutical medicine, especially outside the realm of acute disease protocols, is something none of us has to think about. When a patient is out of crisis, the continued use of pharmaceuticals is destructive. These products are so powerful that they bypass the autonomic nervous system and force a change in function through a direct chemical intervention. The ultimate bad investment is putting billions into false and toxic programs that suppress symptoms and create worse illness. Every one of those illnesses could have been prevented if people knew what we knew and were applying it.

Early on in my practice, this realization was very upsetting. But very often when you are upset, there is something about that subject that you have not taken full responsibility for. In this case, taking responsibility means learning all you can about the basics of nutrition so that you can unlock as many cases as possible, and help as many people as you choose with no stress or frustration. The doctors who get out and attend seminars have incredible knowledge – they are sitting on incredible knowledge – and if this knowledge were better known and better applied, we wouldn’t have to watch pharmaceutical commercials on prime-time television because people wouldn’t need or want those drugs.

Normally your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is in charge of the overall functioning of your body so that your body can respond to you, the guy in charge. The ANS is outside of local control so that it can perform all its functions without your having to think about it. This very important part of your nervous system lives on the micro- and macronutrients from food. If you don’t put food into your body, you eventually make it impossible for the ANS to do its job and worse – you cause it to lose the ability to respond and prevent disease.

A nutrition practice is a functional illness practice. Patients in this type of practice are not at the end of their medical ropes. They are not complete medical wreckage. The ones that are medical wreckage are some of the hardest to help, and even some of them experience miracles in a nutrition practice, but many are beyond our help. They have had so many surgeries and are on so many drugs their bodies can no longer respond to appropriate intervention. We need to get our knowledge out to people who are not medical wreckage or ideally to prevent people from becoming medical clients in the first place.

A major factor in the success of a functional illness nutrition practice is having good products you can count on. The best products are real nutrition and not what is currently being called nutrition. Here is my understanding of the difference between what we are doing and what is called nutrition. Real nutrition actually provides the genuine replacement parts so the body can repair and heal itself. The only thing the body can heal itself with is whole food. Products which are not whole food nutrition are nutraceuticals, and they are used in the same manner as drugs to control symptoms and bypass the autonomic nervous system.

Nutraceuticals are not nutrition. There is a failure to understand that nutraceuticals are just safer drugs. Any time you give someone therapeutic doses of nutritional isolates, you are doing it for one purpose only – you are trying to change the function of the ANS to the way you think it should be. That’s medicine, not health and wellness. I’m not saying that there is no place for pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, but when you use these, you are dealing with symptom suppression or alteration. Real nutrition is whole food in a form the body can use.

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