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The Front Desk Course

Increase the Effectiveness of One of the Most Vital Jobs for Your Practice with the Front Desk Course

The person holding the Front Desk position in your practice can heavily influence the running of your practice – in a good way or a bad way.

A good Front Desk person can control and increase the amount of patient visits, potential new patients agreeing to receive care, patients reminded of their appointments and handled if they attempt to cancel. A well-trained Front Desk has great potential to expand your practice. You would dramatically and stably increase the number of patient visits in your practice if your Front Desk is stable and well trained.

A poor Front Desk person does not control the number of patient visits, lets people cancel, upsets patients, and in general tends to influence the practice in the wrong direction, contracting, not expanding.

And when your Front Desk leaves, who gets to train the next one in? You, of course. A fully trained Front Desk becomes more competent, more stable, and less likely to need replacement or leave.


The UNS Front Desk Course is an invaluable tool for you as a practice owner. The course teaches your Front Desk person all the key points they need to do their job well and be a true asset to your practice. Here are some of the things the course covers:

  • Front Desk job description and flow chart
  • The Front Desk daily checklist
  • The 4 key duties of the Front Desk
  • How to best communicate with patients
  • Phone protocol
  • Checking patients in and out
  • How the Front Desk can generate referrals
  • Scheduling various types of patient visits
  • Confirming appointments
  • Handling cancellations
  • New patient intake
  • Patient reactivation

The Front Desk Course will help train your Front Desk in what they should be focusing on, how to handle the stresses of the job with ease and how to be a productive and valuable team member.

Get your Front Desk trained on this invaluable course!
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Course Graduates Speak

“I learned what the main priorities of the Front Desk are and made this even more of a priority for myself. I have been especially focusing on keeping the schedule full so the practitioner’s time will be fully utilized delivering high quality patient care. Since I did this, I have been filling the schedule more and especially with new patients who are motivated. I feel that I am able to fulfill my duties as Front Desk for Dr. Cori much better now than before I started this course. Dr. Cori depends heavily on me and I want to support her and the practice in the best way that I can. She follows the Ulan procedures to the letter and expects the same from me. I am honored to work for her and represent the practice in the best way possible and to help our patients achieve optimum health! Overall, the class was well organized and made sense. I got a lot out of the StudyJet course which really helped me to get the maximum benefit out of the Front Desk course.”

“I have learned so much from this course about things that I am doing correctly and things that I need to work on, like making sure that the practitioner’s time is being fully utilized, communicating messages and the importance of having notes on folders and in the system. I understand the steps from the beginning of the day to the end of the day and the importance of a checklist. I learned how to prioritize patients’ needs when it happens all at once. And I make sure that all patients flow in and out of the office smoothly, happily, and efficiently. Everything was amazing and I have no complaints. This was an amazing course and I can’t wait to see the changes in our office!”

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