The Clinical Mastery “Table”

Your Foundation for Stable Expansion
The Four Legs of the Clinical Mastery “Table”

The Route to Clinical Mastery is built upon four key components that together create a stable, thriving nutrition practice. Dr. Ulan has compared these four components to the legs of a table. If any component is shorted, that practice will stay small because it can’t support the pressure of expansion.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of false and toxic answers being peddled in the name of health care. Tons of money being poured down the drain, together with your community’s health. The true answer is missing until you put it there with a sound and expanding nutritional practice.

That’s why Dr. Ulan insists that we train clinical experts who are equally effective at patient management and practice management, plus the key ingredient most systems neglect entirely: personal development.

Ulan Nutritional Systems is unique in offering proven, 100% workable and effective training in all four areas.

Clinical Mastery “Table”

Advanced Clinical Training

Patient Management Skills

Practice Management Skills

Personal Development

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