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The New

The New



The Clinical Mastery package consists of:
  • ACT modules 1-8
  • Advanced Communications Course
  • 10 hours implementation Coaching

The new, special Clinical Mastery package is streamlined and discounted to help ensure the clinical material is successfully applied to all cases who are accepted for Nutrition Response Testing®.

In today’s climate it is more important than ever to have our practitioners using all the clinical tools taught in ACT modules 1-8 and one needs to have all 8 modules under their belt to achieve clinical mastery with N.R.T.®

Once certain requirements are met clients are awarded the Gold Seal Clinical Master certificate. To help make Clinical Mastery even more accessible we have created a special package of services at a reduced cost.

We’re helping you get there!

This package comes with a higher discount for those who are serious enough to do the full ACT training on modules 1-8.

Why are we offering this package and what are the prerequisites to qualify?

From long experience we know that to be a true success you need to be able to use all the clinical tools of NRT. A crucial part of this is patient management & practice management to have an abundance of patients in compliance with your program. For this reason, the Advanced Communication course and Implementation Coaching is a vital piece of this package.

This package comes with a higher discount and the idea is to grant this special price to those who are serious enough to do the full ACT training on modules 1-8.

However, with great benefits come responsibilities and restrictions. Here are the rules that go along with this new package of services:

1. This package requires the applicant to do the Advanced Communication course parts 1&2 before going on to ACT 5 – 8.
2. The student is still expected to do the Professional Practice Building program as soon as can be arranged, which can be done online concurrent to ACT training.
3. The Clinical Mastery package price is locked. If a client wants to use a portion of the funds in another way, they lose the discount.
4. Like any other training, the funds for this package cannot be transferred for product purchases.
5. Any needed products and materials required to do the training are not included in this package and are paid separately.

In 2023 we will have an unprecedented expansion of Clinical Masters making a difference in changing the healthcare paradigm.

Start on the Path to Clinical Mastery

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