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This complete set is a greatly expanded and fully updated version of Dr. Ulan’s proprietary kits: Metal & Chemical Toxicities and Common Foods & Immune Challenges. All the technical breakthroughs up through 2020 are included.

UNS Basic Test Kits are specifically designed to work with any type of muscle testing to analyze the underlying nutritional deficiencies resulting in the recurring subluxations that you see every day. D.D. Palmer noted in the Chiropractor’s Adjustor, “Are you going to continue to treat the recurring subluxation or are you going to get the white flour out of the patient’s diet?”

These test kits are designed to be the most precise and accurate homeopathic test kits on the market. They contain 107 vials that help you identify food intolerances, immune challenges, and heavy metal and chemical toxicities. You can help your patients identify the underlying nutritional deficiencies contributing to their health issues.

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