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“This workshop is the most awesome thing I’ve ever done. Thank you for doing this! Using these tools has helped my practice become even more successful. I cannot recommend this workshop enough to anyone who wants to grow their practice with less stress and more fun.”
Melodie Billiot, D.C.

“I definitely got my money’s worth ten times over!”
Kris Truit, D.C.

“I have been very burned out and frustrated by my practice. My income results were not what I wanted. I have been stuck not knowing what to do. This workshop had very good content, was well organized and full of truth and honest procedures. WOW! This will enable me to lower my STRESS! And increase my income and improve results.”
Andrew Jenison, D.C.

“I thought it was phenomenal! It’s going to help me put together the pieces so that I’m going to be able to make a transition to a nutritional cash practice within a specific time.”
Dr. Steve Varney, D.C.

“This is one of the neatest workshops I’ve ever experienced . . . better than the 20 or more I’ve attended in the past, and even your earlier workshops. This is absolutely magnificent! I liked the in depth practice control advice. Thank you!”
Walter Gorzelle, D.C.

“The seminar made me feel more relaxed about starting my practice, simply put I feel happy! I got the best organized and workable information I have ever had the honor to receive and an actual patient management protocol! And it is workable!”
Michael M, D.C.

“I have some great news to report. The Nutrition Response Testing is working great. I have found A LOT of kidney infections with low back pain. If chiropractic schools taught how to disinfect the kidney, graduates would have a busy practice and profitable business. Now we can do something with these cases. I have picked up a few cancer cases. I find fungus, parasite, bacteria, heavy metals on them. At least we can help them. This system is great. I am grateful everyday… Dr. Ulan came together and decided to do this for everyone. A lot of practitioners come in kicking and screaming but they will be rewarded at the end.”
Charles Kwang, D.C.

“We have 102 patients on the books so far this week! The office staff and I still cannot believe how relaxing last week was with 115 patients. Today she told me twice how she worried last week when she saw the number of patients scheduled for the week and wondered how she would get all her tasks done. UNS really has a great system in place!”
Nanci Knox, D.C.

“The Patient Management Course completely surpassed my expectations and I am beyond excited to go home and implement everything I have learned. I now have the confidence and TOOLS necessary to take my practice to a whole new level. It is systematic, which creates a stress-free work place and also gives one more time to learn & help others….which is exactly why I chose this career path. Thank you!”
Courtney L., Nutritionist

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