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In the past few years there has been a remarkable increase in the use of what’s called telehealth – defined as the use of technology by a doctor or practitioner to deliver, enhance, or supplement the patient’s current health care regimen.

One of the driving forces behind this rapid growth was the pandemic. Another is the increasing availability of technology that even a solo practitioner can utilize to service patients remotely.  The demand is expected to continue to rise due to:

  • The convenience of remote health visits
  • The growing demand to cut healthcare costs
  • Improved technology
  • Patients’ familiarity with using technology

The Digital Patient Experience

Successful marketing has always focused on the customer needs and experience. In the digital age this plays an even bigger role in the selection of a new provider or caregiver. New research studies show that more than 60 percent of patients prefer telehealth when obtaining care. This number is expected to increase.

Providing a quality remote patient care could help you attract and retain patients. Not only does satisfying patient expectations make the practice attractive to patients, but it can also make you the preferred provider in their location. And there is the added bonus of being able to help patients from any location.

How Remote Visits Can Expand Your Practice

Dr. Cori Stern is a chiropractor and nutritionist with a successful practice in New York City.  She started doing telehealth visits during the pandemic To service patient’s who could not come into the office.  She has continued using this modality, as it has proven to be a popular service.  It has also resulted in about a 20 percent increase in revenue for the practice.

Dr. Stern offers telehealth visits to establish what symptoms the patient has and recommends a personalized nutrition program specifically for that patient’s body.  Supplements can be purchased online from her website. In addition, she provides remote nutrition counseling sessions to help patients stay on track to reach their health goals.

“I now have four practitioners in my office trained in nutrition counselling,” says Dr. Stern.  “They all deliver this service remotely to patients. Since nutrition is one of the bedrock issues for improving health, this service always gets excellent results.”

She also has a YouTube channel with a growing subscriber base. This content is bringing patients from all over to her website. Many of them book remote health sessions or purchase supplements.

The need for more nutrition education and counseling has been in the news lately, as research shows that it is the underlying factor in many chronic diseases. The Complete Nutrition Coaching Course is the perfect way to start offering personalized nutrition education and counseling services remotely.

Make telehealth and nutrition counseling a part of your 2023 plan, so that you can reach and help more people to achieve their health goals.

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