The Practice Marketing Stratosphere Program

Recent surveys we have done on practice owners show that one of the biggest problems they are concerned with is improving the marketing of their practice, i.e. getting more new patients in the door.

The Practice Marketing Stratosphere Program is designed to get you and your marketing off the  ground and into the clouds. If you’re not sure what to post on social media or how often and even how to get started, if you’re not sure how to do reactivations, or in general just not sure how to get your practice into the stratosphere, this program is a turnkey solution to get you flying high.

Sometimes you just need a little lift to achieve your practice goals. That’s why we created the Practice Marketing Stratosphere Program, which includes:

  • Over 100 pre-designed graphics for social media posts to use on Facebook and Instagram, for a wide variety of situations
  • Pre-written bulk emails you can send out to your patient list
  • Phone script for reactivations
  • A detailed set of checklists of proven, successful action steps to take, including a separate checklist for brand new practices
  • Extensive list of compliance documents
  • Resources to help with telehealth
  • Coaching from our experienced consultants to help you implement the program

And because you’re busy seeing patients every day, we include coaching with our experienced ground crew (consultants) to help you navigate through all the implementation.

So don’t wait. Take action today in handling that problem that’s been nagging you – how to better market your practice.

The Practice Marketing Stratosphere Program
Cost: $995

Find Out More

To sign up for the Practice Marketing Stratosphere Program, or to find out more, call us at 866-418-4801, or fill out the form to the right.

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