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Social Media Basics for Practice Growth

Recent surveys we have done on practice owners show that one of the biggest problems they are concerned with is improving the marketing of their practice, i.e. getting more new patients in the door. Learn More

The Stratosphere Marketing Program

The Practice Marketing Stratosphere Program is designed to get you and your marketing off the  ground and into the clouds. If you’re not sure what to post on social media or how often and even how to get started, if you’re not sure how to do reactivations, or in general just not sure how to get your practice into the stratosphere, this program is a turnkey solution to get you flying high. Learn More

Increasing New Patients with Facebook

One of the most effective ways to reach out to new patients is using social media. And the best tool, by proven statistics, is Facebook. Not only is Facebook among the highest traffic social media platforms, it has tools you can use to target your posts to reach the exact public you want to reach. The Increasing New Patients with Facebook course will teach you everything you need to know generate new patients with Facebook.  Learn More

The Front Desk Course

The UNS Front Desk Course is an invaluable tool for you as a practice owner. The course teaches your Front Desk person all the key points they need to do their job well and be a true asset to your practice. Here are some of the things the course covers:

  • Front Desk job description and flow chart
  • The Front Desk daily checklist
  • The 4 key duties of the Front Desk
  • How to best communicate with patients
  • Phone protocol
  • Checking patients in and out
  • How the Front Desk can generate referrals
  • Scheduling various types of patient visits
  • Confirming appointments
  • Handling cancellations
  • New patient intake
  • Patient reactivation

Learn More

The Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching

Introducing The Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching. This course is a “business in a box” and will give you all the training and materials you need to start a nutrition coaching business. This course consists of 38 videos which are a total of about 10 hours in length. It also includes 12 complete lesson plans for your coaching sessions. Learn More

Grow Your Practice with StudyJet Courses

UNS is now offering training courses for practice owners and their staff, utilizing a revolutionary new training platform called StudyJet. We know from experience that the biggest hurdle any health care professional has to overcome when it comes to training is time away from the practice.  This is a common barrier amongst ALL health care professionals no matter what discipline. There’s also the barrier of financial cost when it comes to sending your staff to UNS to train on anything. Learn More

Executive Booster Program

The Executive Booster Program is designed to take you from being a Practitioner to being a “Chief Executive Officer,” boosting you up from working in the practice to working on your practice, and from being controlled by your practice to being in control of it. You will work out how every area of your practice should operate, what each area should be producing, and exactly what you need to do as the “CEO” to manage and expand your practice. Learn More

executive booster

Comprehensive Practice Analysis

The Comprehensive Practice Analysis assigns a Practice Management Specialist to personally evaluate your practice. You can get a first-hand analysis of your practice, your staff, your finances and your promotion, and find out if your practice is “Blocked” or “Switched”, and discover the “Priority” that needs to be handled for it to grow. Learn More

Advanced Communications Course

Would you like to get better patient compliance? Would you like more confidence, determination and focus, and be better able to confront and handle your clients? Would you like to be able to handle any communications from your patients, staff, or in your personal relationships without getting thrown off?​ Learn More

UNS Consulting: Decades of Experience to Assist You

The UNS consulting team has decades of experience working with healthcare practice owners. They have literally seen it all, are very knowledgeable, and can quickly help you get on the right track with your practice, and keep you heading toward your practice goals. Learn More

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