Social Media Basics for Practice Growth

Recent surveys we have done on practice owners show that one of the biggest problems they are concerned with is improving the marketing of their practice, i.e. getting more new patients in the door.

Social media is a great way to market your practice. Just as an example of the reach of social media, Facebook currently has 2.7 billion users worldwide. Social media marketing is affordable, and you can reach tons of people in your area who are the ideal demographic for your services. We will teach you how to reach those ideal patients on social media.

UNS is now announcing the release of a new course to help you increase your new patient flow. The Social Media Basics for Practice Growth online course features a series of seven hour-long instructional videos along with accompanying practical exercises, covering:

  • The Nuts & Bolts of Facebook Marketing
  • More In-Depth on Navigating Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Effective Content on Social Media
  • Using Facebook Insights & Advertising to Build an Audience
  • Get Your Practice Going with a Bang
  • Spring Out of the Gate with Social Media
  • Techniques on How to Get More Patients

The course features experts on Marketing, Public Relations and Sales, as well as interviews with several very successful practice owners sharing their successful actions in booming their practices using social media.

So don’t wait. Take action today in handling that problem that’s been nagging you – how to better market your practice.

The Social Media Basics for Practice Growth Online Course
Cost: $95

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