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Dr. Erika Schultz, DACM, LAc, ACN

In my family I was third in line in terms of getting to know this technology. My twin sister came across Nutrition Response Testing® while seeking care for my nephew. That led to my brother and myself getting trained in Nutrition Response Testing. I was starting graduate school in Chinese medicine and acupuncture at the time. My sister tried to convince me to not even go to school, insisting I just need to learn this. That’s how impressed she was.

I continued my education and I’ve got a doctorate now, which really set me up well for my current practice.  That accomplishment combined with the advanced UNS training has enabled me to break through on really difficult cases.  I love doing both but I have to say that, at this point in time, if I had just become a licensed acupuncturist, I would be bored.  At about 10 years into my career, and because of Nutrition Response Testing, it’s like a new day, every day when I go to work. You never know what you’re going to see.  It’s really given me the tools to see some of the most challenging cases out there and get really super great satisfaction.

One of the things Dr. Brad would say in training is that we’re going to make you feel very “Tiger,” and that promise was delivered.  By the time we got through the end of the training, that confidence was there.

It’s important to note that we are in a world today where functional medicine is on the rise.  That is great news, because it’s becoming more known for being another way to deal with health problems, using solutions other than drugs.  Most of us recognize that functional medicine doctors are primarily using nutraceutical interventions, which are a molecule or two off of a pharmaceutical drug. They’re still only at the surface. So, having the confidence and the training and experience that we have, as advanced trained clinicians of Nutrition Response Testing, really helps us to differentiate and be a place where people can end up when other modalities fail them.

We get people in our office who have been around the block and have spent 10s of 1000s of dollars, trying to get help, oftentimes with functional medicine doctors looking at their blood work. We have the ability to go beyond that, to go beyond what the blood is showing and get a little bit more subclinical with our techniques, to find the root cause underneath the symptoms. It really helps us to break through on cases.

Often I’m across the desk from a patient who has been in that scenario, and they’ve lost a lot of hope. I’ve experienced that as a patient myself. It’s not a good feeling. Being able to distinguish yourself, when people are looking for solutions but running into dead ends or getting stuck in their healing process, is valuable. We have the tools to move them to the next level. That’s really cool stuff, pretty powerful.

With the training that we have through UNS we’re just more certain that we can handle whatever comes through the door. They’re already walking in the door. Interestingly, a lot of them now are people that are very in tune with their body. Athletes in particular are coming in the door, because they’re noticing that something’s not right. I’m having Western medical professionals come in.  I think the people who are outside of those realms are going to be coming in too, so we’re prepared.

I love the kids, because they’re  so full of what we call young energy in Chinese medicine. So, they heal quickly. It’s fun to see that and it’s so impactful because they’re our future.

There was a young girl who was brought to my clinic recently. Her parents, who are both chiropractors, had taken her all over in search of a remedy for her condition. I met her father about a year and a half ago. He told me then that his daughter had some issues that were ongoing for many years. It took them a while to bring her in because to them we were just another in a long line.

She’s had terrible skin stuff and digestive problems. We’re a few months in, working together, and already those have drastically improved.  That’s one of the simpler types of just everyday scenarios, routine miracles.

Another patient who is more elderly, in his 70s and on the path with Alzheimer’s dementia, was brought in by his daughter.  When he first came in, he was despondent and didn’t interact at all. He barely spoke at all.

With neurodegeneration like that, and elderly people, it takes time.

We’re about a year and a half in, and the difference is remarkable.  To see him come into the office now, he jokes with you, he’s laughing.  He still has his moments.  We’re using stem cells to recover the brain tissue, after dealing with all the parasites, all the heavy metals, all the bad cells.  It’s just cool to see somebody get that quality of life back, that improvement, and have that sparkle in their eye come back. And you can see that person, their essence, still there.  It’s pretty cool.

Now 10 years into my practice, I’m seeing patients come in and the average age is younger. You and I took health for granted in our twenties, when we were first starting our careers.  We may not have been optimal at that point, but we certainly weren’t thinking about needing to overhaul our health.

They’re coming in the door now, in that stage of life. Some of them are still living with their parents because they can’t get launched, because their health is so poor. In 10 years I’ve seen a dramatic difference in terms of just what’s walking in the door.  There is a huge demand for this technology, and it’s getting bigger.

– Excerpt from the webinar: The Miracles of Nutrition Response Testing.


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