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The UNS Referral Champion Game



Become a UNS Referral Champion and Help Change the Healthcare Paradigm in Your Area

Ulan Nutritional Systems has had a game in place for a long time for those clients who really take the initiative in helping to change the healthcare paradigm (paradigm: a typical example or pattern of something; a model) by referring their colleagues to us. It is absolutely true that without you, we could never accomplish what we have accomplished so far and what we will accomplish in the future.

In recognition of your continuous support and your work in getting our healthcare system to where it needs to be, we have started a new game with new rules. This game will truly make lending your support to us a rewarding and exhilarating experience so we can accomplish the mission of a changed healthcare field together.

Starting July 1st 2020, the following Referral Champion Game is active – this does not count retroactively.


To play the game, the only requirement is that you are a client in good standing with us. If you have that down, then the only other thing necessary for you to do in order to play and collect your awards is to send other practitioners to us.

This could be your colleagues, your vet, your MD, or even physical therapists. If you know someone who works in the healthcare field, they are qualified prospects that you can collect your Referral Credits from.

Make sure to inform your Enrollment Counselor of who you have selected to start services with us, and the Enrollment Counselor will make sure you get the credit you deserve. To count someone as your referral it is necessary that the person gets on the phone or reaches out to the Enrollment Counselor.

Once they sign up for a service, then you get the credits, as well as being in the running for becoming a UNS Referral Champion.


There are multiple levels of awards to this game, and you will be, in a way, competing with your fellow practitioners for the number one spot. If you do not make it to the top, there will still be some great awards in store for you. Listed below are all of the possible awards you can receive in playing this game:

CREDITS: For any of your referral that signs up for a service with UNS, you will get a credit to your UNS Services account of 10% the amount that they paid to us. You may use these credits for any services or consulting that you may need (not product purchases).

REFERRAL CHAMPION OF THE MONTH: If you are the #1 Referral Champion of the month, you not only will receive the Credits on your account, but you will receive a special letter of recognition from us and will be featured on our home page as the #1 practitioner in the US working towards a better healthcare system. This will be promoting you and your practice directly on our website, and so we will need a photo of you when you win this award.

REFERRAL CHAMPION OF THE YEAR: As Referral Champion of the Year, you will receive your credits, the Referral Champion of the Year Award, a plaque honoring your achievement, and you will be featured at our Symposium as a guest speaker.

100 STRONG AWARD: The 100 Strong award is a special award given to any client that helps get 100 new people onto services here at UNS. You will be given a special plaque honoring your achievement, a permanent spot on our website with a biography, and 1 on 1 consulting with Dr. Brad Kristiansen for 8 hours which can be done on an online platform or in person depending on which the client prefers.

UNS GENERAL AWARD: If we are going to build an army of Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners, then we need Generals to lead the way. The General Award is won by getting 250 Healthcare Practitioners to start a service with UNS. You will be given a special trophy honoring your achievement, a check for $2,500, 10% discount off anything we sell, and a letter from Dr. Ulan himself thanking you for your contributions.

We hope you take advantage of this new game along with the awards that come with it and we hope to see many winners awarded soon. Good luck!

Referral Champion of the 2020-2021 Year: Jeanne Barry, DC

Here’s How It Works:

Step One: Select a friend for UNS services. Contact the UNS Enrollment Counselor to let them know.

Step Two: Inform the person about UNS and get them in touch with our Enrollment Counselor.

Step Three: That’s it! Once they enroll in the service you start getting the benefits. See below for details on the different awards.

Contact Us to Get Started:

Michael “Mike” Russell
Enrollment Counselor
Cell 321-289-0693
Office 727-683-5896
Fax: 727-475-5349
Jerrod Ruble
Senior Vice President for Expansion
Office: 727-683-5888 x102
Fax: 727-475-5349

UNS Referral Champions of 2022

May 2021 - Martin Furlong, DC

March 2022 - Charlene McCullough, MS

February 2022 - Sam Zeiler, MS, CNC

Nutrition response testing

January 2022 - Nichi Kuechle

UNS Referral Champions of 2021

December 2021 - Elise Anderson, RD

November 2021 - Cori Stern, DC

October 2021 - Elise Anderson, RD

September 2021 - Elise Anderson, RD

August 2021 - Shannon Eggleston, HHP

Shannon Eggleston - Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

July 2021 - Llana Call-Smith, DC

June 2021 - Jeanne Barry, DC

Jeanne Barry - Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

May 2021 - Lauren Kolowski, DC

March 2021 - Shannon Roznay

nutrition response testing teacher Shannon

April 2021 - Lesley Brighton, NTP

February 2021 - Lisa Provost

Nutrition Response Testing

January 2021 - Shannon Eggleston, HHP

UNS Referral Champions of 2020

December 2020 - Jeanne Barry, DC

November 2020 - Helen Ryan, ND

October 2020 - Courtney Little, CNC

Professional level clinical training

September 2020 - Shannon Roznay, DC

nutrition response testing teacher Shannon

August 2020 - Daren Fitzpatrick, DC

Professional level clinical training

July 2020 - Cori Stern, DC

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