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Ulan Nutritional Systems has released a new product that provides EMF protection – The Purelife UNS Personal EMF Neutralizer

Many of the devices we use today emit EMF rays – cell phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and even MRIs. Ulan Nutritional Systems has released a new product that provides EMF protection – The Purelife UNS Personal EMF Neutralizer.

Although there’s still some controversy about the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic (EMF) rays some of the world’s top researchers have made disturbing statements on the subject The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says EMFs are “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and that some studies show a possible link between EMFs and cancer. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has stated that they have concerns about the increasing use of EMFs by devices and the possible connections between EMF and adverse health effects.

“In the age of cell phones and the Internet of Things you can’t hide from EMF pollution — it’s in your home, your car, and outside areas,” says Daniele Lattanzi, the CEO of Ulan Nutritional Systems. “Negative effects can include eyestrain, headaches, inability to concentrate, neck aches, irritability, depression, memory loss, weakened immune system and, in more extreme cases, birth defects and leukemia in children.”

The Purelife UNS Personal EMF Neutralizer actively broadcasts an 8 Hz signal that effectively neutralizes harmful EMF signals with consistent daily use. Through low-frequency healthy electromagnetic fields, the Neutralizer promotes regulation of biochemical, cellular and neurological processes. Ulan Nutritional Systems is releasing this product wholesale for health care practitioners who can then sell it to the general public.

Healthcare practitioners can purchase the Personal EMF Neutralizer online here: New customers need to create an account and log in

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