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Increase Personal Income from Your Practice

But Take a Vacation from the Stress

with the Professional Practice Building Program

Limited Time Special!

Increase Personal Income from Your Practice
But Take a Vacation from All the Stress
with the Professional Practice Building Program

You probably would like to make more personal income from your practice, but don’t want to give up all your free time and increase your stress level. The Professional Practice Building program is designed to help you do just that. It helps you to increased your new patients, learn the essentials of running a successful practice, and learn how to dramatically improve your communication skills. Plus the program includes implementation coaching from one of our experienced consultants.

The Professional Practice Building Program consists of six steps:

1. How to Study Smarter

This course gives the most fundamental technology on study so that a person has the basics needed on how to study and learn about something. Learn specific factors that prevent understanding and applying materials in any subject. Simple factors that every school child should know but are never taught in school.

This technology was missing throughout your schooling no matter what school you went to or where it was. We were always given things to study. Unfortunately, we were never taught how to study and thus how to learn.



2. Essentials of Running a Successful Practice – Pro Edition

The Essentials for Running a Successful Practice course is designed to help you increase your personal and practice income, but without taking up all your free time and increasing your stress level. The course covers the sequence of expansion, the basics of promotion, financial management fundamentals, the seven secrets of solvency, and more.



3. The New Patient Pro Course – Pro Edition

The New Patient Pro Course is all about driving more new patients into the practice. There are many, many, many ways to generate new patients. This course teaches you how to ensure that there is an adequate volume of patient acquisition avenues open and flowing. The aim of this activity is to overwhelm the practice in sheer patient volume.



These first four modules can be done at your home or office via computer.

4. Professional Level Marketing Course

This course will give you much more in-depth knowledge on marketing to get in new patients, as well as how to more effectively close them to do a treatment program.


The Advanced Communication Skills Workshops are done at our training facility in Clearwater, FL.

5. Advanced Communication Skills I & II Workshops

Effective communication is more than just talking. The Advanced Communications Skills Workshops will give you the tools to confidently and effectively control your patients and at the same time, handle any distractions that keep you from staying focused. Being able to better control your interactions with others is an extremely powerful skill in your professional and personal life.

6. Implementation Coaching

While you are doing all the training modules above, our experienced consultants coach you on applying all the information to achieve true practice growth, with more patient visits, and more practice and personal income. The result is faster expansion, but without having to put in lots of extra hours, and taking a vacation from all the stress and overwork that has almost always been part of the growth process in the past.


This program can be done by any practice owner, of any type of practice, and does not require training on any of our clinical training programs.

Length of Program

Approximately 3 months

Special Add-Ons Included Free

Here are some special add-ons that we are including free in this deal:

The Online Patient Education Workshop Boot Camp: Learn all the specifics and details of how to put on a Patient Education Workshop online! It includes 3 hours of video instruction on how to do all the technical aspects of an online presentation, promoting it, and how to maximize new patient starts. A $249 value.

Social Media Basics for Practice Growth Course: On this course, learn how to:

  • Increase new patients
  • Get more people inquiring about services
  • Improve your practice marketing
  • Improve your social media presence
  • Know better where to put your marketing dollars

7 hours of video instruction. A $99 value.

Intro Practice Analysis with 1 Hour Free Consulting: Find out more about your practice’s strengths and weak points and what you can do to improve them. A $300 value.

Make Real Practice Growth Happen Without the Stress, on the Professional Practice Building Program

For more details on the Professional Practice Building Program, fill out the form on the right, or call us at


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