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Take Your Nutrition Response
Testing® Skills to the
Next Level with the

Professional Level
Clinical Training


Take Your Nutrition Response
Testing® Skills to the
Next Level with the

Professional Level
Clinical Training


The Professional Level Training Program

Now that you have completed the 3-Day Nutrition Response Testing Workshop and Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Workshop, you can take your skill to the next level with the Professional Level Clinical Training Program.

In the Professional Level training you will gain confidence and master Nutrition Response Testing, its expanded basics and nutritional patient management at a truly PROFESSIONAL LEVEL.

The new 4-level Nutrition Response Testing Professional Level training module is faster and more streamlined than ever. Each level consists of a 3-day workshop. But now for the first time, the first three workshops are delivered via Live Stream, so you don’t have to travel or spend time away from your practice. The fourth level is delivered at our Clearwater, FL facility and involves intensive hands on drilling with a clinical master. Each level is scheduled at least one month apart. The program takes 4-6 months to complete.

The result is a practitioner that has mastered Nutrition Response Testing basics and how to apply them using Standard Process Products to address the whole spectrum of health challenges that they encounter with their patients, and help them get better results.

Pro Level Graduates Automatically Qualify for a Systemic Formulas Account

We have just recently been notified by Systemic Formulas that all Nutrition Response Testing Workshop graduates will now qualify automatically for a wholesale account with the company. This means that even if you cannot qualify for an account with Standard Process, you can still practice Nutrition Response Testing using the Systemic Formulas products. And introductory training on using the Systemic products will now be included throughout the Professional Level training.

  • Professional Levels 1-3 are delivered via live stream

  • Attend from your home or office

  • You don’t need to travel or leave your practice

Professional Level 1 (Live Stream)

  • Dr. Ulan’s food diary training
  • 48 levels to determine why a person is not responding well
  • 108 levels of why patients get worse
  • Special locked muscle exercises and drills
  • Determining hidden factors with the HRV unit
  • Determining prognosis with the HRV unit and pulsing
  • 16.5 CEUs through NCCAOM

Professional Level 2 (Live Stream)

  • Learning the additional body areas to address
  • Locating possible hidden areas that don’t show up on standard body scan
  • Determining the 3 levels of priority finding
  • Product mastery drills
  • Follow up visits
  • 16.5 CEUs through NCCAOM

Professional Level 3 (Live Stream)

  • Getting the patient firmly on board with their healing program
  • What to do with the new patient from the time they call for 1st appointment through their First Therapeutic visit
  • The Four Bottle Rule
  • Receptionist, Patient Advocate and Practitioner scripts and drills
  • 16.5 CEUs through NCCAOM

Professional Level 4 (at UNS Clearwater facility)

  • Clearwater module for intensive hands-on drilling with a master clinician
  • 18 CEUs through NCCAOM


  • 3-Day Nutrition Response Testing Workshop
  • Dr. Ulan’s Patient Management Workshop


On completing the Professional Level, NCCAOM licensed Acupuncturists and Doctors of Oriental Medicine receive 67.5 CEUs through NCCAOM.

Course documentation is available upon request for other healthcare professionals who wish to apply to their state board for continuing education credits. Submission of documentation by others does not guarantee approval for CEUs as requirements vary from state to state.

NCCAOM PDA Provider # 1018.

“I’m a Registered Nurse and Nutritional Therapist from Seattle. I started using Nutrition Response Testing many years ago, without doing the Pro-Level. I had some success but it was more limited. What I really got out of doing the Pro-Level is how to educate my patients on the muscle test, and what I’m looking for. It’s really broken through with my abilities to find the lock on anybody with certainty. I learned a lot about the supplement lines and how to implement the products on a nutritional healing program. Most importantly, before I was doing that initial visit over and over and over. Now I’ve learned how to progress someone on a program, so we get them moving from the First Therapeutic Office Visit, onto their Follow Up Visits. And we continue to see results.”

Holly Guentz, RN

“I have a greater understanding and confidence in helping more folks. It is very nice to go through training that is sequential and specific, but is personal with individual attention to detail.”

Ronald Warner, DC

“I feel very confident that I can apply what I learned this weekend. The material was well delivered and will be very useful in my practice. I feel I can help my patients better now.”

Tim Ryan, LAc, DOM

Gain Greater Confidence, Certainty and Control
Do the Nutrition Response Testing Professional Level Training Program

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