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Dr. Ulan presented awards in two categories at the 2022 Fall Symposium. Two practitioners received the prestigious Wall of Fame award and seventy-three were awarded their Gold Seal Certification as Clinical Masters. Several shared their stories at the Symposium.

The Wall of Fame is our longest standing and most prestigious award. It requires, completion of at least the first four modules of Advanced Clinical Training and is based on evidence of applying the work, in terms of practice growth and consistently seeing a substantial number of clients successfully. Our two newest Wall of Fame Awardees each epitomize the highest standards of Nutrition Response Testing. They are Debra Hanna, and Pam Werth.

Debra Hanna, is an associate of Dr. Serge Gregoire of Mind Body Solutions in Webster, Texas, who is himself one of our earliest ACT graduates.

“I’ve always had a passion to help people. Now I’ve found [NRT] and I get to help people without giving them harsh chemicals or cutting things out of their body. It’s so amazing and I love coming to work every day.

“I started out a year ago seeing maybe 9 patients a week, and now I’m up to about 117 patients a week. I can’t wait to see what finishing [ACT Modules 5 – 8] does for me, because I’m getting to that point where I’m getting those more difficult cases walk in. I can help them. I know I can. I gotta go find out how. I gotta get that last part of it so I’ll be able to help anybody who walks through our door and just make their life better. That’s what I love about this.”

Pam Werth, ND, CST, owner of Healing Tree Natural Health Improvement Center in Whitehall, Michigan, is a Naturopathic Practitioner, a Certified Nutritional Consultant and full ACT graduate. She was additionally awarded her Gold Seal Certification as a Clinical Master at the 2022 Fall Symposium.

“[Dr. Ulan] You are one of my greatest inspirations toward developing and holding an intention. Your ability, with intention, to change humanity and change the world of healthcare, I hold that in front of me and I strive toward that level of intention. I don’t think that I was quite aware of that before I met you.

“When I started my training at UNS I was quite ill with Lyme. It was difficult for me to put thoughts together, difficult to think, difficult to communicate. But I dug in on my first goal. I wanted to be the best practitioner I could be. My second goal was to get well. Today I am past the Lyme. When people come in and say they can’t think, I say, ‘I know we can get you better.’

“My next goal was to have a successful business. I’ve gone way past that. Every time that I was at UNS I would look at the walls and read the Wall of Fame. I wanted that so badly, and with the encouragement of Dr. Brad and Peter, [they] helped me get that.

“My next goal is to have a million-dollar practice. I want to see hundreds of clients a week. I want to make a huge impact in my community. I want us to be the place for when there’s nowhere else to go. And I know, Dr. Ulan, by using your example of setting an intention, I’ve set the intention and I know that it’s going to happen. I am so proud and honored to stand among my colleagues who have the same determination to empower humanity toward their own health, and to actively take part in changing the paradigm.”

Congratulations to Debra Hanna and Pam Werth! This is a starting point of getting to fulfill your purpose in terms of bringing real health to your communities.

The purpose of Nutrition Response Testing is and always has been, to provide a highly workable, duplicate-able, and effective system of body analysis and results, which will enable us as a unified group to truly change the paradigm from disease maintenance, to one of health restoration and lifelong wellness through safe, natural nutritional means. The vision of an army of fully trained and highly skilled NRT practitioners, at the core of a trusted referral network, which makes real health attainment available for a growing number of people who are literally sick from and of, the existing disease maintenance system, is within sight.

A new certification has been developed, in recognition of our progress toward that goal, to honor those individuals who are actively changing the paradigm. To signify the attainment of the highest level of achievement in NRT, UNS has established a new permanent certification with a gold seal, a Gold Seal Certification as Clinical Master.

Full Clinical Mastery

The end product of the full eight module Advanced Clinical Training program is a healthcare provider who can handle any Nutrition Response Testing case, no matter how tough that case has been for others. Such a practitioner would be a true Clinical Master.

Gold Seal Certification, in addition to acknowledging the person’s achievements, certifies them as a Clinical Master. To qualify, a practitioner must successfully complete ACT Modules 1 through 8, and be up to date on current clinical training and new product releases such as the new Test Kit vials, and they must administer NRT in a quantity that’s appropriate to their practice, a goal that is variable and determined between the practitioner and their consultant. These are fully trained and active practitioners of NRT who are improving their communities and truly working to change the paradigm for health care.

Clinical Master status qualifies a practitioner to apply for certification as an NRT teacher at all levels. This requirement for teaching ensures that our UNS approved teachers are all walking the walk and can, with full integrity, talk the talk.

Our 2022 Gold Seal Certificate awardees and our newest certified Clinical Masters are (in alphabetical order) Dr. Nikoleta Alexander, DC; Sophie Alexander, MS; Luella Andrews; Vicki Benson, ACN; Dr. Michael Blackman, DC; Dr. Lawerence Blanchard, ND; Lesley Brighton, NTP; Donna Brook, FNP; Dr. Llana Call Smith, DC; Dr. Louis Castaldi, DC; Sandy Combs, BCHN, CEnK, CBHC; Dr. David Derosa, DC; Rachel DiScala, DNM; Dr. Sharon Doolittle, DVM; Shannon Eggleston, HHP, ND; Dr. Sten Ekberg, DC; Stella Fanzone, HHP, ND; Dr. Zachary Fatkin, DC; Dr. Daren Fitzpatrick, DC; Dr. Brian Foley, DC; Dr. Leanne Fuchs, DC; Dr. Martin Furlong, DC; Dr. Guy Furno, DC; Judith Gibbs, RN, BSN; Dr. Steven Goldstein, DC; Dr. Serge Gregoire, PhD, CCH; Cindy Harrington, CNC, CINHC; Dr. Mark Holtschlag, DC; Gretchen Homer, MsACN; Hayley Imbriani, LMT; Dr. David Jantz, DC; Dr. Wayne Kohan, DC, CCN, DACBN; Dr. Lauren Kolowski, DC; Dr. Jennifer Koontz, DC; Dr. Martha Lindsay, DVM, CVH, CNE; Dr. Lance Lipton, DC; Dr. Thomas Lo, DC; Dr. Joseph Lambino, DC; Dr. Miguel Martinez, DC; Charlene McCullough, CN; Rhonda Miga, HHC; Helena Miller, RRT; Dr. Cameron Morehead, DVM; Amy Olson, L.Ac.; Denise, Orton, RN; Kajal Patel, CNC; Lisa Provost, Dr. Angela Renner, DC; Gerald Ruiz; Dr. Glenda Rose, DC; Dr. Shannon Roznay, DC; Helen Ryan, L.Ac., DOM; Dr. Tim Ryan, L.Ac., DOM; Dr. Erica Schultz, L.Ac., ACN; Dr. Donna Sergi, DC; Dr. Keith Sheehan, DC; Laura Shehan, MA, LMT; Eun Jeong Song, L.Ac., PhD; Dr. Rick Sowerby, DC; Dr. Rachel Starr, DVM; Dr. Cori Stern, DC; Dr. Greg Sternquist, DC; Joseph Strickland, ACN; Dr. Doreen Sundin, DC, L.Ac.; Mimi Tagher, L.Ac.; Raelynn Torzone, PA; Masako Wada, L.Ac.; Dr. Charley Ward, DC; Dr. Liliana Warner, DC; Jeffrey Werth, Pam Werth, ND, CST; Dr. Patricia Yoder, DC; and Samuel Zeiler, MS, CNC.

Several of our awardees were available to speak at the Symposium and share the everyday miracles that are part of a Nutrition Response Testing Practice. As a group they described tough cases resolved, steadily improving health, and patient lists booming from referrals. We’ll feature their testimonials in future newsletters.

Dr. Zachary Fatkin put it in perspective when he asked, “If I had that knowledge to be able, if my child came to me in the middle of the night and was sick, and I was able to apply this Technology, and get them well; what would that be worth to me?”

What would it be worth? In fact it is worth everything, the future of healthcare and our children’s lives. Reach out to these practitioners if you know them. Congratulate them for their accomplishment. Then find out how you can achieve the same successes in your Practice. You can revisit the 2022 Fall Symposium and hear their testimonials. But more, you can get the knowledge yourself and join their ranks.

As Dr. Martin Furlong says, “Our bodies are powerful, healing machines, that need to be nurtured, not chemically controlled. Complete training, going through the Nutrition Response Testing to Advanced Clinical Training trained, gives us complete certainty.”

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