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You need to be able to attract, close, and monitor patients progress in a way that ensures practice growth.

For this reason we developed this new program which is going to help you with getting maximum levels of patient compliance and an effective system to improve patient retention.

The New Practice Growth Acceleration Management Program consists of six steps:

1. Marketing Basics: We teach you the basics of marketing so you can confidently promote your services and get responses.

2. How to Make Your Strategy a Reality: You’ll learn steps to formulate a strategy, and then how to make that strategy a reality.

3. Formulas for Practice Success: We give you exact formulas you can apply to increase practice growth.

These first three modules can be done at your home or office via Skype.

4. Advanced Communications Skills I:

5. Advanced Communication Skills II: Our graduates are raving about these two life-changing modules. These two communication modules have to be done at our Clearwater training facility.

6. Implementation Coaching: Once you are done with all the training modules above, we coach you on applying all the information to achieve true growth acceleration.

The result is faster expansion without the stress that has always been part of the growth process in the past. Average time on the program is three months.

This program can be done by any practice owner, of any type of practice, and does not require training on any of our clinical training programs.

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