Manage Your Practice

Instead of It Managing YOU!

Free Practice Analysis

On the Free Practice Analysis you’ll be prompted to answer 100 questions covering the various areas of your practice: solvency, human resources, marketing and sales, delivery, quality control, your stress level, and more. Learn More

Professional Practice Building Program

You probably would like to make more personal income from your practice, but don’t want to give up all your free time and increase your stress level. The Professional Practice Building program is designed to help you do just that. It helps you to get as many patients as you want, to know better how to achieve your goals, teach you formulas you can follow for business success, and how to dramatically improve your communication skills. Plus the program includes implementation coaching from one of our experienced consultants. Learn More

On-Site Practice Analysis

The On-Site Practice Analysis brings a Practice Management Specialist to your office to personally evaluate your practice. You can get a first-hand analysis of your practice, your staff, your finances and your promotion, and find out if your practice is “Blocked” or “Switched”, and discover the “Priority” that needs to be handled for it to grow. Learn More

Advanced Practice Building Program

Practice owners often find themselves completely involved in being the practitioner, treating patients, but have little to no time or attention left for actually being the practice owner. But it is this critical “hat” of being the practice owner, that if worn successfully, allows you to increase income, expand your practice and achieve your practice goals. Learn More

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