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The Latest Developments and Research of Nutrition Response Testing®


Also Known as Route To Clinical Mastery Class 15


Post Graduate Advanced Clinical Training

UNS is very proud of its graduates of the Advanced Clinical Training Program. Reports of difficult cases helped by these practitioners have become routine, whereas their results are truly nothing short of miraculous.

But there is a fact that any Nutrition Response Testing is up against: the changes and deterioration of our society’s level of health and nutrition. With new challenges continually confronting our patients, results can degrade.

Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN, is committed to continuing the research of the subject to ensure that these new challenges are met. Only in this way can the results of the subject keep pace with society.

When new breakthroughs become available, it’s vital that all Advanced Clinical Training practitioners keep themselves up-to-date. That way they can continue to get consistent results on the cases in their area. And in that way we continue to make gains toward changing the healthcare paradigm.

Post Graduate Advanced Clinical Training exists for this purpose: incorporating the advances and developments into the training for our Advanced Clinical Training graduates. You’ll get caught up with Dr. Ulan’s clinical discoveries and techniques and learn how to implement them in your practice.


When: The training will run October 15-17, 2020


Where: Live Stream

What Will Be Covered in the Upcoming Post Graduate Advanced Clinical Training:


  • Use of the 5 Common Stressors test kits, with the much expanded Foods, Metals, Chemicals, Immune, Virulence and GMO vials
  • Detection and handling of Hidden/Stealth/Morphed immune challenges
  • Metabolic Conditions Support and test kits
  • Expanded Vaccine test kit
  • EMF protection devices
  • Stem Cell Derivatives from BioPharma
  • New ways to do resonance testing
  • HRV Valsalva testing, interpretation and handlings
  • And more


This training program is only for graduates of the Advanced Clinical Training Program.


Stay Up-To-Date with the Post Graduate Advanced Clinical Training


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