Advanced Personal Development

The UNS training programs on Nutrition Response Testing® and on practice management, fully implemented, build clinical competence and practice success, limited only by how hard you work and how high you set your goals.

But the whole route depends utterly on one indispensable element: you. You have to be a shining example of the effectiveness of the technologies you offer to truly impact the people in your community at the correct levels of magnitude.

The information we give you isn’t our final product. Your success is. And that has everything to do with your communication skills, the integrity of your decisions, and your own compliance to a correct nutritional program. This is what we train you in.

These skills and traits are so critical to achieving success that we offer workshops and individual coaching programs proven to empower practitioners to build and manage thriving nutrition practices. These courses are exactly what you need to develop these crucial abilities in the correct sequence.

THE RESULT: You have achieved the knowledge and skills needed to successfully remove personal barriers, and can rocket your practice to greater heights!

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To learn more about the Advanced Personal Development Program, call us at 866-418-4801, or fill out the form below.

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