The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the need for products that can dampen and prevent the spread of this viral infection. In a study on how ionizing air affects influenza virus infectivity and prevents airborne transmission, researchers found that the ionizing device could detect and prevent influenza virus infection in a controlled setting, mimicking “authentic” conditions.

Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. has released a personal ionic air purifier that lowers the particle concentrations inhaled in the breathing zone. It propels cleaner, fresher air into your personal breathing zone and helps combat dust, mold spores, pollen, smoke, viruses, fumes, odors, and allergens. It can be worn when traveling, in restaurants, doctors’ waiting rooms, or any confined space.

“According to top scientists in government research and publications, lowering the concentration of inhaled pollutants and contaminants substantially lowers the risk of adverse health effects, including infections,” says Dr. Janet Macher, Bioaerosols Assessment and Control.

Masks that are unfitted, even the so-called N95 respirators, may be less than 20% effective due to open gaps. Surgical masks may offer less than 5% protection.

A comprehensive research study by the university of Cincinnati Environmental Health Foundation, found that masks worn with a personal ionizer had substantially elevated protection factors. The electrostatic charge vastly improved aerosol virus and bacteria capture before inhalation, as well as electrostatically sealing off the unfitted mask-to-face interface from micro-organism ingress.

Lilian Bradshaw’s family all wore masks when they went outside, but she still worried about their health. So, she purchased a personal air purifier for each member of her family. “This is the best investment I’ve made in a long time,” says Bradshaw. “It’s absolutely the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family.”

The USB rechargeable Air Supply® AS-300R has a 28-hour run-time per charge. With an advanced plasma discharge design, the AS-300R comes with solid platinum emitter and stainless-steel grid. The Air Supply® Rechargeable also comes with a breakaway strap for user safety.

For more information on the AIR SUPPLY® rechargeable AS-300R personal ionic air purifier, visit the Ulan Nutritional Systems Health Store website.

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