Advanced Patient Management Skills

As word spreads of your successes, you’ll have the opportunity to help a great number of people. If your patient management system isn’t up to the challenge, then stress and confusion may threaten to overwhelm your practice. Nutritional patient management is a science in itself with rules that, if followed, deliver optimal results.

Dr. Ulan’s precise and comprehensive system takes all the guesswork out of managing the nutritional patient. UNS provides a blueprint of the complete system, from all the necessary forms, to the procedures, to the ideal office layout. You don’t even have to guess what to say or when to say it. Our Advanced Patient Management Training reinforces everything you learned in the Secrets Seminar, providing a script for each step that you’ll drill to perfection!

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To learn more about the Advanced Patient Management Skills program, call us at 866-418-4801, or fill out the form below.

UNS Patient Mgmt Form

You’ll take home materials that help guide patients through their initial appointment and subsequent twelve-week health improvement programs. You’ll drill effective procedures that will help you recover those who have fallen off their programs in the past.

When you manage your nutritional patients correctly, they understand the value of proper nutritional support for their adjustments and they comply with their programs. When they experience results, they’ll want the same benefits for their families and friends. The referral chain has begun!

THE RESULT: You are well trained in the ideal workflow for patient intake and management, with patients fully committed and eager to help build your practice through referrals.

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