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Increase Practice Income
But Take a Vacation from Long Hours and High Stress


Dr. Ulan’s

Patient Management Secrets


No representation, warranty or guarantee is made as to the results attained from doing this workshop as results vary. However, there are practitioners who apply this patient management system in conjunction with standard Nutrition Response Testing procedures who have a million-dollar, all-cash practice.

Learn How to Increase New Patients, Referrals & Reactivations

Grow your practice, but take a vacation from the long hours and stress

Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN developed a turn-key system after building two of his own successful, cash-based, million dollar nutrition practices. The secrets to his success are the foundation of this seminar and are easily attainable by other practitioners. His insurance-free system has proven 100% workable for thousands of practitioners across the US. You can increase your practice income and your personal income from your practice, but take a vacation from the long hours and added stress.

In this 3-day workshop, learn:

  • A complete patient management system
  • Learn how to get new patients
  • How to generate an abundance of referrals
  • How to convert current patients to nutrition
  • Effective patient reactivation programs
  • How to promote and market to healing-oriented type patients
  • Learn how to implement nutrition seamlessly into your current practice
  • How to hire and train the best staff
  • How to set up, promote and do successful New Patient Seminars
  • The exact procedures and paperwork for better patient compliance
  • How to improve your bedside manner and practitioner savvy so you always do and say the right thing
  • How to turn patients and staff into zealots who build the practice for you
  • How to set up initial health improvement programs with which your patients will readily comply (including multiple visit schedules)
  • How to fine-tune programs to ensure clinical success
  • How to transition from insurance and accounts receivable to a practice based on cash and prepayments!

There are no prerequisites for this seminar, and all health care practitioners can benefit.

The Patient Management Secrets Workshop Is Now Delivered Live Stream!

Up until now we have delivered this powerful 3-day workshop at our headquarters in Clearwater, FL, and at a handful of other locations around the country. But for practitioners attending, it always meant travel time and expenses, and time away from the practice.

You need to set aside the time for the workshop, Friday through Sunday. But NO travel and NO travel expenses! You can do the workshop from the comfort of your home or office.

These workshops all start at 10am EST.

Patient Management Secrets Workshop Schedule


fri23aug10:00 amAugust 23-25, 2024Dr. Ulan's Patient Management Secrets Workshop10:00 am(GMT-04:00) Event Organized ByUlan Nutritional SystemsEvent Type Patient Management Secrets Workshop,Patient Management Workshop


fri18oct10:00 amOctober 18-20, 2024Dr. Ulan's Patient Management Secrets Workshop10:00 am(GMT-04:00) Event Organized ByUlan Nutritional SystemsEvent Type Patient Management Secrets Workshop,Patient Management Workshop


fri22nov10:00 amNovember 22-24, 2024Dr. Ulan's Patient Management Secrets Workshop10:00 am(GMT-05:00) Event Organized ByUlan Nutritional SystemsEvent Type Patient Management Secrets Workshop,Patient Management Workshop

Meet Your Teachers

Dr. Brad Kristiansen, DC

Dr. Kristiansen graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1975. He discovered Nutrition Response Testing® after becoming tired of adjusting same areas on the same patients over and over with limited results. He enrolled and graduated in the first Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Clinical Training class in 2007, studying directly under the Founder, Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN.

After expanding his practice to 350 weekly patient visits in 2006, he hired an associate so he could relocate to Clearwater, FL to teach the technique full-time. Dr. Kristiansen is now the Nutrition Response Testing Lead Instructor for the introductory and advanced clinical training offered by Ulan Nutritional Systems.

cori stern

Dr. Cori Stern, DC

Dr. Cori Stern graduated from the University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic in 2000. She is also a graduate of Dr. Freddie Ulan’s Advanced Clinical Training Program (UNS) and a master Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner. Dr. Stern’s private practice in New York City saw phenomenal growth after she incorporated Nutrition Response Testing® into her practice. 

She has now helped thousands of patients achieve major improvements in their health, including her toughest cases! She has a passion for getting sick people well with nutrition and is highly committed to spreading the word and teaching other practitioners how to do this. She has been traveling around the country for the past 9 years teaching Nutrition Response Testing® and also teaches at the Ulan Nutritional Center in Clearwater, Florida while maintaining her busy practice in New York City.

kajal patel

Kajal Patel, CNC

Kajal Patel, CNC, is the owner of Svast Nutrition in Warner Robbins, GA. She is a graduate of the UNS Advanced Clinical Training program of Nutrition Response Testing. For five years, she has been helping middle Georgia families improve their health through whole foods and nutrition. She has helped people in her community improve hormone function, handle stress and fatigue, achieve more healthy weight, and improve gut health. Kajal studied at the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. She did her graduate studies in Special Education at the George Washington University where she was on scholarship with the Literacy Collaborative Program.

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Where: via Live Stream, you attend from your home or office

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Pricing: $995 + $100 Tax & Materials Fee

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*Enrolling in training with Ulan Nutritional Systems does not guarantee access to a Standard Process account nor do we guarantee that you will be able to practice per your state guidelines. Please do your own research on these matters before enrolling.

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