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By Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

The most important promotional action is caring about the patient and being really sure that they are taken care of and that they are progressing. Only then can you expect them to bring in referrals.

We would concentrate on married women with children.  They’re the people who deserve the most help. These are the people who are under the most stress in the society. So, we made sure that they were well taken care of.  Then they would bring in their kids.

The kids are wonderful to take care of. They were my favorite patients. They already knew what was going on.  They catch on immediately.  You check a kid and the next time they come in to the office they want to check you.

Once mama is on the program and she’s got her dietary guidelines in, she’s got the kids running them and everybody’s healthier.  Then they bring in the toughest patient in the universe, which is the husband.  He’s usually a guy who wears a baseball hat turned around backwards.  He eats chicken wings and drinks beer while he sits in front of the T.V.

He’s not interested, but she knows she’s got to get this guy in better shape if they’re going to keep the family going. She also knows that he’s the toughest patient. So, she brings him in after she’s doing well and has total certainty.  She brings the kids in and gets them doing well. And then they all gang up on him.

Husbands have an on/off switch for their health.  They measure it by their ability to have sexual participation, or not.  The only other thing that gets them is pain, because they don’t want to be in pain while they’re sitting on the couch watching the football game.

Women are like the control panel on a Boeing 747 jet liner.  If you ever looked at one of those control panels, there’s about 200 switches. If one of them is off, that’s a half of a percent of all the switches.  A woman knows when she’s got 4% or 5% not functioning.  She goes, “Oh, I got to do something about this.”  And, she knows it’s not something her medical doctor is going to handle.

She knows this already. That’s why I like dealing with women because they’re very aware of function and the quality of function and how that affects their life.

I get the greatest pleasure out of helping women live better lives because they’re the most stressed people in the society.  They have to take care of their little kids. They have to take care of that one grown up kid they call a husband, and many of them have to work as well. I mean, how many husbands could do all that?

We set up weekly new patient and patient education workshops. We made sure that every patient who was coming in knew that the workshop was Tuesday night at seven o’clock, and that this would be a great time for them to bring in their husband or neighbors or friends, anyone who they were having trouble telling what we’re doing.

This was a major source of new referred patients to us each week. We promoted the talks in the monthly newsletter and we had a flyer each week that every patient got. That was probably the most important of our continuing marketing actions, an internal marketing action.

We always pushed the fact that, if you have a friend who you’d like to bring in, if they come in through the workshop, we’ll give an even bigger discount on their visit.

Why? Because when we give the patient workshop, that patient goes, “You know, I resonate with this. I want to be part of this,” or they go, “Not for me.”  We know that immediately.

We teach you how to do this in the Patient Management Workshop.

Excerpt from the webinar: Having a Million-Dollar Practice
with Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


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