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By Abdul Alim Muhammad, MD


I have so much respect for Freddie Ulan as a person and for all those associated with him. Everything I ever heard from Freddie and his associates has turned out to be quality, useful information that has made me a better person.

I was driving in Chicago on my way to give a talk. I looked into the rear-view mirror and caught the image of myself. A thought flashed through my head, which I think is a tribute to what Freddie Ulan and his associates mean to me. I realized that in the mirror I was looking at a man who had the ability to help anybody. I thought about what that means, that there is no problem of a clinical nature that exists among people that I do not have the ability to help.

A lot of times, we don’t want to keep what we’re doing undercover. We don’t really want to be incognito in our community. But as a medical doctor and as a surgeon for many years, the reality of that is that often I would be trembling on the inside in fear, because every day I was confronted with problems that I couldn’t handle.

I’m not in any way ashamed of my background, nor should you be ashamed of your background, whatever it might be. Because certainly, when the earthquake hit in Haiti and I was a part of the medical mission down there at the field hospital, those people needed surgeons. I was certainly glad to have that tool kit that I could reach into and do some good with that modality.

The reality is that most people don’t need surgery all that often. And, if we actually get all this right in the nutrition field, almost nobody will ever need surgery in their whole life. One of the things I’m doing is working to put people like me out of business.

Even the non-surgical specialties are plagued with fear. Their fear stems from the inability to actually offer real help. Then out of that comes a kind of a cynicism, and even a negative attitude towards patients. This is done to hide the inability to really administer help, which leads to a negativity and even scorn shown to the patient.

One of the greatest blessings that I have received from learning Nutrition Response Testing and all that’s related to it is I get up every day and there’s no fear, there is no reluctance to go into the office. I’m not trembling if somebody would walk through the door with some terrible medical diagnosis. Because whatever it is, I feel equipped to be able to address it. You should be filled up with that kind of confidence, that kind of clinical certainty, that you can address any clinical problem out there. The only thing that you have to do is be a living example of what you are about.

Keep your eyes on Freddie Ulan and his colleagues because he’s the real thing. I play Freddie’s videos every day in my office. I found out that it helps me so much; it reaffirms for me what I’m doing. But it also gives greater reality to what I do to my patients, because when they come and see this distinguished white-haired man on the video playing in the reception area and then they come back to see me, it cuts down on a lot of the uncertainty and the lack of comprehension of what is about to take place.

We don’t know what life may hand us, but with UNS’s training you are getting that which will fortify you to handle whatever it is. You are in the right place, you are a special group, you are on a mission, and you are going to succeed.

When I first started with Freddie, I changed the name of my practice. It was Abundant Life Clinic, but we changed the name to Abundant Life Health Attainment Center, because what we’re after is not the absence of disease. We are about the attainment of perfect health and full human potential.

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