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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN


What’s the third key ingredient to a successful nutritional cash practice? This is it folks. An effective, standardized system of nutritional patient and practice management.

It needs to be effective, proven. That’s what I mean by effective: it’s proven. It works. Anybody who uses it exactly as it is, in its standard form, gets the same result. That’s what I mean by an effective standardized system.

It’s a system. It’s not by whim. It’s not management by whim. “Oh, I just decided to do this with this guy. I decided to do this with this….” It’s a system. The system has various options. You analyze the patient and decide what options that are in that system that apply to that patient. And then you apply the steps that that patient would need because he fits into that category.

So, it’s an effective standardized system of nutritional patient and practice management. What would that consist of? Or “What would it produce?” would be a better question. If it’s an effective standardized system of nutritional patient and practice management, it will increase compliance and results.

Isn’t that the biggest thing that we’re up against in practice? Every time I’ve surveyed practitioners and asked them, “What about your practice gives you the most problems?”, they say, “Well, if I could just get the patient to do the program, I know I can get them well.” I can’t tell you how many surveys I’ve done. One of my staff members contacts nutritional practice practitioners and surveys them. “What’s the biggest problem you have in your practice?” “Well, if I could just get them to do the program, I know they’ll get results”.

So, I want to tell you that the answer to that is not in technique. The system that you use for finding out what’s wrong with the patient and determining what they need for their program to get well is not what gets compliance and results. It’s the effective standardized system of nutritional patient and practice management that does that.

This might be a surprise to some of you. It reduces stress. It increases efficiency and lowers overhead. It multiplies referrals. And last and most importantly, it turns your patients and staff into zealots who build your practice for you. Isn’t that the ideal scene? Can you imagine that?

I’ve said before, “Be careful who you set as a mentor”. Make sure it’s somebody who has the right statistics. Make sure it’s somebody who’s actually talking from their actual proven experience. When I was in practice, I had patients and staff who were zealots and who were building my practice for me. Anybody who knows me, knows that.

One of the most common things I hear from everybody who visited my office, “My God, your staff are incredible. How did you get these staff? Where did you find them?” We have a system that enables us to find the right staff. What you see when you walk into my office is three or four absolutely wonderful beings, but you have no idea how many we had to go through in the filtering process in order to find those wonderful beings, but we know how to identify the wonderful beings so we didn’t have to hire the 160 that we didn’t hire.

One of the things that we don’t manage by is “hope.” You know? “Boy, I really need a Receptionist. I’m going to hire this girl. I hope she works out.” Anybody ever do that? Hiring by hope. No, no, no, no. You need a system that will enable you to predict human behavior. So that within a few minutes of knowing the person and knowing the rest of what we teach, you will know whether this person is somebody who even has a “hope.”

We’ve all done this. We’ve hired somebody and said, “Well, I hope she works out. Whew….I really need somebody.” Eight times out of ten, she doesn’t work out. So, you need a system that enables you to turn patients and staff into zealots to build your practice for you. And a very important part of this is knowing how to hire because you cannot build a big practice all by yourself.

I mean, can you imagine if I never hired anybody? The technology is available. There’s actually a technology. There’s a technology to managing staff and managing a practice. And there’s very specific rules for managing a nutritional practice.

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