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There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for nutrition and health. Everyone’s body is unique and different. and responds to foods in its own way.”

— Freddie Ulan D.C. CCN

Ulan Nutritional Systems is helping practitioners make the most of these growth trends

With rumors of a recession, many healthcare practitioners are planning for 2023 and looking for ways to keep their practices growing and thriving. One way to do this is to tap into the market trends and follow consumer’s interests and demands.

ADM, the global nutrition company, has identified nutrition trends that will influence consumers’ evolving behaviors, attitudes, and aspirations for nutrition health, and wellness in the next year. These trends are expected to inspire innovation, ushering in a new wave of products and services for 2023.

Balanced Wellness

The ADM report predicts that emotional, mental, physical, even spiritual health are increasingly seen by consumers as being intertwined, and as important as each other. Most consumers (79%) believe that supporting their mental health has a positive effect on their overall health and wellness. Plus, 48% of global consumers plan to address their mental well-being over the next year, making the issue among their top concerns after immune function, digestive and heart health.

The fact that immune function and digestive health top the list of health concerns indicates the growing need for nutrition education and coaching. This view is supported by the recent White House Conference on Food, Nutrition and Health, which highlighted the need for putting more emphasis on nutrition to improve health.

Practitioners are likely to see an increased demand for nutrition services – discovering what nutrients their bodies need to heal, as well as nutrition coaching to help them stay on track and reach their goals. Most practitioners have not had much training in nutrition, so getting trained in nutrition and offering a service such as Nutrition Response Testing could be a smart business decision.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

In line with several other studies, the fact that what works for one person’s wellness may not be ideal for another is one of the growth trends identified in this report.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy for nutrition and health,” says Freddie Ulan D.C. CCN, founder of Ulan Nutritional Systems and Nutrition Response Testing®. “Everyone’s body is unique and different. and responds to foods in its own way.”

According to the ADM report, 63% of consumers say they are interested in food designed to meet their individual nutritional needs. More than half (55%) of consumers say they are willing to spend more on functional foods that can support their health goals.

This is a significant opportunity to deliver services that address the individual and provide a clinically designed, personalized nutrition plan to address their health needs. Ulan Nutritional Systems has courses on nutrition, nutrition coaching, and Nutrition Response Testing that can help healthcare practitioners take advantage of these trends, expand their practice, and help more people in 2023.

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