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January is International Quality of Life Month. There are so many factors that affect your quality of life it’s hard to focus on just one.  But nutrition affects so many other things it could be said to be the foundation of your quality of life.

First, let’s look at what quality of life is:

Quality of life embodies overall well-being and happiness.  It depends on good physical and emotional health. It’s relative, subjective, and has intangible components, such as spiritual beliefs and a sense of belonging.

So, there are five distinct dimensions to quality of life: physical health, mental health, everyday functioning in social activities, everyday functioning in role activities, and general perceptions of well-being.

Let’s start with the first two: physical and mental health. These two factors influence the other three significantly. When you’re not physically or mentally well, it’s tough to  function well in society, or do your best in your work or family activities.

There are many studies that show conclusively that the right nutrition is the foundation of both physical and mental health.

Metabolic syndrome is just one example.  This is a combination of metabolic disorders, such as high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance, and the tendency to develop fat around the abdomen. Individuals with the metabolic syndrome are at high risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Several studies have shown that diet and lifestyle have a direct effect o these conditions. When you are overweight, have diabetes, and a heart condition your quality of life is definitely not in good shape.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the major cardiometabolic diseases—heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes—pose substantial health and economic burdens on society.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ranks nutrition as essential to keeping current and future generations healthy across the lifespan. A healthy diet helps children grow and develop properly and reduces their risk of chronic diseases. Adults who eat a healthy diet live longer and have a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Healthy eating can help people with chronic diseases manage these conditions and avoid complications

And recently, the mental health field has begun advising that the right nutrition is vital to your mental health.  Even psychiatrists are treating patients with nutrition instead of psychotropic drugs – and they’re getting remarkable results. There are many studies that show depression and anxiety can be alleviated with the right nutrition.

So, it’s clear your quality of life does depend on your nutrition.

When you’re ill or depressed, (or both) your quality of life is reduced. And with a personalized nutrition plan designed specifically to supply the nutrients your body needs to heal, you could soon be enjoying a vastly improved quality of life.

The best way to discover what nutrients your body needs to improve your health and quality of life is to work with a Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner who can put together a personalized nutrition plan for you.

Here’s a success story from one patient who did just that.

Before seeing Dr. Cori Stern, I had low energy, my digestion was bad, I felt dizzy, and I had trouble focusing. My body is responding really well. I feel so much better now, and my quality of life has improved a lot.

There is no doubt that nutrition and quality of life are closely linked.  The best way to improve your quality of life is to get a personalized nutrition plan that is specifically designed for your body’s nutrient needs.

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