In this 4-hour video course, Tom Ianniello, DC will teach you everything you need to know on how to attract new nutritional patients using the Heart Sound Recorder. Dr. Ianniello has worked out a whole marketing system using the HSR that gets great conversion of patients onto a nutritional program. The heart is the most responsive muscle to nutrition, so this program helps you get better patient results, fast!

Today through Friday we are offering a $50 discount off the price of the course. Normally $495, this discount brings the price down to $445. Click Here for course info. This discount is only good through Friday, May 22, 2020.

As part of the release of the new course we are also offering a $200 discount off the purchase price of the Heart Sound Recorder (only through Friday, May 22, 2020). For more info call Adam at 727-683-5893.

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