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New Field Rep Special Game

UNS is introducing a special Field Rep game, where you can be awarded either half off or the full price of an Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) Course. Perfect for you if you haven’t done the course yet, or if you want to get one of your staff trained in the highest levels of Nutrition Response Testing®.

How do you do it? Refer your colleagues to us, who then sign up for the Professional Level Training in Nutrition Response Testing. The game runs between now and July 14th, 2022.

Refer two colleagues who purchase the Pro Level = ½ off on the ACT course.

Refer three colleagues who purchase the Pro Level = a FREE ACT course.

Make sure to inform your Enrollment Counselor of who you have selected to start a service with us, and the Enrollment Counselor will make sure you get the credit you deserve. To count someone as your “selectee” it is necessary that you assist the Enrollment Counselor in getting that person on the phone or assist in getting the person signed up for that particular service.

And for this special game, it counts if you get one of your staff signed up for the Pro Level.

To play the game, fill out the form below or call one of our Enrollment Counselors at 866-418-4801.

UNS ACT Field Rep Game

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