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By Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN

Ulan Nutritional Systems is in the business of training nutrition-oriented health care providers in a highly effective, workable, duplicatable, non-invasive system of body health analysis. This system assists in identifying probable nutritional deficiencies or imbalances as well as toxicities and other barriers to self-healing. Once those are handled with all-natural means, this enables maximal health restoration using personalized health improvement programs.

What got me started working on my business dates back to the late 1980s when I suddenly started “losing my health.” After several years of seriously declining health, and finally reaching a point where I was bedridden for over a year, unable to sleep, and with double pneumonia and body pain whenever I tried to move, despite many attempts to reverse my worsening situation through natural and finally conventional means, I was forced to take desperate measures. It started with a trip to an alternative medicine hospital in Mexico which gave me ten days of treatment that stopped my body’s decline and fully cleaned up my lungs so that I no longer had pneumonia. But now, I had a 48-year-old body that was no longer dying but was still not functioning well. I literally had about 3 hours of “up-time” a day before I had to return to bed to rest.

This started me on a quest to answer the question: How do you rebuild a body that you have literally worn out through a fast and hardworking lifestyle, with too much travel and often living on fast foods and hotel and airline foods? This led me to the discovery of the earliest roots of clinical nutrition in this country, led by Dr. Royal Lee starting in the 1920s (he went on to found the world’s first nutritional supplement company, which he called “The Vitamin Company” and which later evolved into what is known as Standard Process Products Inc.).

Dr. Lee was an amazing and brilliant scientist who made multiple discoveries about the role of nutrition and human health and became part of a small group of similarly minded geniuses who collaborated to determine not only the ultimate diet for man but also created a substantial armory of whole food concentrate based dietary supplements that could be used to support a body throughout its healing process and beyond, into years and decades of health maintenance.

Once I started applying the principles I was learning from this research to myself with the first success in years, I began paying it forward by helping others. In working with others and working on myself, I discovered the five most common barriers to healing (and over a dozen additional ones that can have the same effect) and worked out how to handle these naturally. Over the ensuing ten years, this evolved into what is now known as “Nutrition Response Testing®.” I built an extremely successful nutritional healing practice in upstate NY, and as a result of word of mouth, I started being invited to teach weekend seminars to several thousand like-minded health care providers around the country.

After teaching these seminars for almost ten years, I realized that it would take more than what I could teach in one weekend to ensure that every attendee could gain the same level of skill that I had developed and which gave me a consistent stream of what could only be described as “daily miracles” when compared to the results from the conventional pharmaceutical model. So I decided to open my own teaching facility here in Clearwater in 2004. We have been going like gangbusters ever since. Many hundreds of nutrition and natural-oriented healthcare providers have been through our courses, including not only beginning level (for those with no prior experience with my method) through Intermediate, Professional Level, and Advanced Clinical Training.

The number of classroom hours this represents is approximately 150 hours, often done in 3-day seminars and workshops spaced out monthly or more. Although every level from the beginning on up gives practitioners tools and skills they can apply in their office, the higher levels make it easy to start getting improved results on their toughest cases. My goal for this business became “pass my hat” to create an army of equally competent and effective health care providers who routinely produced the same level of results we routinely produced in our practice.

For more information on Nutrition Response Testing call 866-418-4801 or email us at [email protected].  You can also download our FREE Nutrition Response Testing E-Book here.

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