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When Clinical Masters of Nutrition Response Testing® get together there is sure to be some comparing of notes and sharing of case histories.  Practitioners at the top of their game are naturally interested in adding to their knowledge.  One way to do that is to examine unusual cases and how they resolved.  Occasionally, there are cases that have baffled experts in other fields before being brought to an N.R.T.® practitioner.

Dr. Jeanne Barry worked as a nurse in two teaching hospitals in Boston before becoming disenchanted with the state of health care and managing symptoms.  She left nursing to become a chiropractor.  Then, in 2007 her two-year-old son developed health problems including asthma.  His medical doctor predicted that the asthma would be lifelong.  Dr. Barry’s disagreement with that prognosis led to her discovery of Nutrition Response Testing®.  She attended an N.R.T. seminar  and knew immediately that this was the technology that would work for her child.  She signed up and never looked back.

Her son no longer has asthma.  He is now a senior in high school and the fastest runner on the cross-country team, and he’s captain of the team.

Stories of full recoveries for health conditions that others had declared incurable are commonplace in Clinical Master gatherings.  Dr. Barry credits that as the end product of completing her advanced training through module eight, “being able to solve the complicated cases that actually save lives and that no one else could. That’s been my experience.”

While meeting to recount the miracles of N.R.T. she gave us two stories that were life-changing for her patients.

“The first one is kind of fun. His name is Michael and he was 19, a freshman in college, there on a soccer scholarship as starting goalie.  He started throwing up shortly after getting to school, and threw up for eight months, about four times a day.  He would take small bites and try to talk himself out of throwing up.  This is a big, athletic 19-year-old kid.

“They went everywhere for a cure.  His school was in North Carolina, but his parents took him to Boston to every specialist.  The best they could do was recommend Gatorade and bouillon cubes for a month.

“So they came to see me and three days later, no more throwing up. Three days after eight months. This kid had lost a soccer scholarship and almost flunked out of school. Now, he’s doing great.

“And then Lily.  Lily at four years old had high fevers and a high white count. Boston Children’s Hospital said she likely had leukemia. She was that close to her white count being diagnosed as leukemia.

“I found a toxic chemical. Her whole family had it in them. I believe it came from where they lived, somewhere on their land. Who knows, but anyhow, she couldn’t detox it out. So, I used an advanced training technique.

“She went from my office to the bathroom. Her mother said she’d never seen anything like that come out of somebody let alone her four-year-old girl. Seven to 10 days later, back at Children’s Hospital, no more fevers and white count completely normal. She was no longer gray.

“When her mother brought her in, she said to me, ‘I think she’s going to die.’

“And I said, ‘Not on my watch.’

“She was playing. She was eating. She had color back. Boston Children’s said that the only explanation they had was that it’s a miracle. It’s a miracle.”


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