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The Keys to Success Course

The Keys to Success Course

The Keys to Success Course

It IS possible to expand a chiropractic practice, and thus make more personal income. But with more organizational expertise, it doesn’t have to mean more hours and more stress and doing all the work yourself. It can be made into a smooth transition and result in even less stress. With the right training and know-how, it can be like taking a vacation from all that stress.

This course is your first step! On this course you will learn:

  • The one simple factor that determines a practice’s income. This fact must be known and fully followed by owners or their practice will suffer.
  • The most effective way to attract interest, resulting in more patients and income. In this lesson, you will work out several different ways you can immediately do this.
  • Why finance falters and what you can immediately do to get it stable again.

Practitioners Speak on the Keys to Success Course

The Keys to Success was an enlightening course. Simple concepts that are often overlooked, but are essential for YOUR success. Cinzia taught the course in an easy to understand manner. I plan to implement and make a daily check list of the concepts. I look forward to growing my practice and communication skills. The way you communicate with the world , determines your success. – Michael Blackman, DC

The Keys to Success course has completely transformed my relationship with money and marketing, both of which had previously caused great anxiety and confusion for me. The information and practical tools that I learned will allow me to move forward confidently to the develop the practice I have always truly desired. The w3hole process of learning is enjoyable and the staff is amazing – knowledgeable and professional. For the first time in my 25+ year career, I can honestly say, with great certainty, that I have the power to create abundance while making a difference. – Donna Brook

I really enjoyed The Keys to Success course with Cinzia. She pushed me to improve my website and to post on Facebook more often. She also pushed me to open to the public sooner and my practice is growing. I am becoming known! Thanks to this course I learned how to build my business and I gained more confidence in myself. – Brianna Lofquist, RN

Being a young new business owner and practitioner, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the different “hats” I have to wear each day. One “hat” that caused the most stress on me was promoting and marketing my new business. My wonderful coach, Cinzia, guided me through the Keys To Success leaving me confident, less stressed, and with a plan of action on not only how to successfully market to new clients, but how to organize the many marketing ideas in my head into a solid written plan. We completed just 1 of 3 sections of the overall course, but I have already gained so much knowledge and support that I know will help me succeed in reaching new clients! – Grace Stefonik, NTP

Without having any sort of business knowledge or background, this course was a great introduction to learn a business model to include advertisements, communications with patients, ways to market my business and services, and most importantly help me realize that money (that I bring in) is more related to the communication system I have in place to successfully deliver the above advertisement techniques. For anyone getting started with their own practice or even to have some different tips to progress a current practice, this is an awesome course to change your mindset of a successful business model. – Lisa James, DPT, Physical therapist

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